Ola Kurzak is a product of the City of Wrocław

At the age of 20, Aleksandra Kurzak left Wrocław and began to live in London and New York. Now the metropolises tire her and the singer gladly returns to her hometown. Her husband and daughter also feel very comfortable there.

Aleksandra Kurzak and her Wrocław

Her childhood was full of music from morning to evening. Dad played the French horn at the Wrocław Opera and mum was a singer.

– I grew up behind the scenes of the opera, it was my second home, and my big dream was ballet – recalls the artist. Unfortunately, there is no ballet school in Wrocław and the parents did not want to send their only child to a boarding school. They really wanted her to become a violinist. 🎼❤

– She was calm, she listened, after school she quickly did her violin and lessons with Papa. She loved ballet and opera, but she was shy – says Jolanta Żmurko-Kurzak, Aleksandra’s mother.

The first poster that appeared in her room, however, was not an operatic one. – It was a Limahl poster, I stuck it with patches on  wallpaper, a hard find in the Polish People’s Republic, and when removing the poster all the wallpaper also “went”. Then there was a poster of Doming, which he sang in Zabrze – says Aleksandra Kurzak. 👏🎼❤🇵🇱

When she was twenty, she left Wrocław.

– I started living in metropolises like London or New York. When I came back, it seemed to me: oh mother, how small, cramped it all is. However, when I am a mother, in my forties, everything has changed completely. Now these metropolises tire me – admits the singer. That is why she appreciates Wrocław and likes to come back to it.

– Someone once said: “Wherever I hang my hat, this is my home.” We are, our family, citizens of the world. Where we work, we live there – says Aleksandra Kurzak.

Wrocław Opera – Aleksandra Kurzak’s theater

For her, the opera is absolutely the queen of the arts. She took her first steps on the stage in Wrocław when she was 21 years old. 👏🎼❤

– She was a student and the best students took part in the “Marriage of Figaro” with us. I remember that she plays Susanna, I am the countess, my heart is pounding that I will hardly get a heart attack, for the first time with my daughter on stage. I started singing to her and I was out of key. It was an experience, but beautiful – smiles Jolanta Żmurko-Kurzak, Ola’s mother.

– The emotions are amazing, you don’t want to believe that so many years have passed. This is my theater, this first theater stays deep in my heart. I remember a beautiful hall and stage, I can’t wait to come back here – emphasizes Aleksandra Kurzak.

Visits to the family home are not very frequent.

– Due to the fact that she travels around the world all the time, we rather followed her – says Robert Kurzak, Aleksandra’s dad.

Like mother, like daughter?

The situation has changed since her daughter Malena appeared.

– She is drawn to her grandparents – says the singer.

– I am watching her development which is very similar to Ola’s. She loves music, sings all the time – her grandfather is happy.

– She has a voice, she can change it, like me at her age. Who knows? I think I will do what my parents do. I am not going to persuade her to do anything, forbid it, or order it. It is to be her choice, she is to be happy in life – emphasizes Aleksandra Kurzak.

– For Ola, the city she grew up in is very important. I also feel at home here. We wonder if Malena would go to school right here – reveals Roberto Alagna, Aleksandra Kurzak’s husband, who is also a singer.

Aleksandra and Roberto were married in Wrocław.

– We were between one performance and another. It was very funny because we arrived to it in a hurry from Paris. The wedding was in a very small group, we plan to organize it again, maybe somewhere else in the world, but it would be nice here. We may invite the whole city to the next ceremony – says Roberto Alagna.

(source: Dzien Dobry TVN program)



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