He’s a fireman with an unusual interest, running in the mountains

Bartłomiej Przedwojewski is a firefighter, although he is known around the world for his mountain running. He was first in South Africa, France, the Azores … Get to know the story of an athlete who takes 39 minutes and 42 seconds to climb Poland’s Kasprowy Wierch. 🇵🇱

Recently, Bartłomiej Przedwojewski won the Golden Trail Championship in the Azores, the most prestigious competition in mountain running. He decided to tattoo his success, which he informed us of in Good Day TVN’s studio. Why are we talking about this? Because this is not Bartek’s first tattoo. After his victory in Africa, he tattooed a mountain. The runner joked that his achievements will be visible. 🏆

Bartłomiej Przedwojewski’s record

The mountain runner is not only the first at the finish line. This year he also broke the record in the run to Kasprowy Wierch, Poland’s highest peak. It was not a competition, but he set this goal himself. It took him only … 39 minutes and 42 seconds to reach the top. The tourists, seeing the runner on the trail, cheered and cheered. “It was amazing,” he recalled. 💪

What’s the difference between regular running and mountain running?

The Pole has come so far thanks to hard training and proper preparation. Mountain runners need to be fit and tough to compete on uneven terrain. The routes are often off the tracks. Bartłomiej explained what characterizes mountain runs. 👍🏆

First of all, the terrain obstacles. We run uphill, downhill. There are also flat sections, but this terrain is never easy when it comes to the ground. We have rocks, sand, roots, lots of mud. This is a very big difficulty because each step is never the same, it is never rhythmic. It is hard work involving strength- he explained.

A firefighter who runs after hours

Bartłomiej admitted that mountain running is a new discipline, but it is developing rapidly. The athlete hopes that many young people will be infected with this passion. In this sport, he appreciates the fact that he can run in the mountains all over the world. He also revealed that if you reach the level of world champion, you can make a living from this discipline. Bartholomew, however, also has another source of income. On a daily basis, he is a firefighter in the rescue and firefighting unit No. 9 in Wrocław. How does he manage to combine these two jobs?

-We work in a 24-hour system, i.e. after a 24-hour duty, we are entitled to 48 hours off. Then I devote this time to my preparations – the races in which I start-. he cited.

But this is not the end. The runner also trains before his duties. He admitted that being a firefighter is hard work. Sometimes they have to face human misfortune, and running allows him to clear his head and mind. In addition, he is also preparing running projects in the Polish Tatras to encourage people to walk and run. Simply for them to be in the mountains as often as possible.

Finally, the firefighter announced that he had many goals to achieve. So we can only wish Bartłomiej more successes and records in running! 👍



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