A pair of sisters are revitalizing a craft of their grandfather

They saved my grandfather’s shop. Today they weave themselves from wicker: “At first I thought it was a totally crazy idea”

Two sisters gave up their previous activities and began to weave wicker. Thus, they extended the life of my grandfather’s shop. – I did not imagine that I could enjoy anything else in my life so much – says Katarzyna Nejman, a wicker.

Wicker shop

This story began over 30 years ago, when Katarzyna and Anna’s grandfather opened a wicker shop.

– We liked Grandpa’s shop a lot. It was cozy there and we liked to play with wicker things – recalled Katarzyna Nejman. – Once an armchair broke, so you went to the store and put it in the house. You needed a cupboard, there was no money, so it came from the store – said Ewa Nejman, mother of Anna and Katarzyna.

From childhood, the sisters were accompanied by wicker. The first dolls’ prams, cradles, armchairs, tables, trunks – it was all woven. Until … because in 2020 my grandfather’s store was to be sold.

– Last year, and due to the pandemic, and due to the fact that the store ceased to be profitable, and my grandfather is also 83 years old and it is time to retire, we decided to help him sell. We sold out everything that was in the store in two days. Then we got a lot of feedback from people that it is great and we should continue it – explained Anna.

Wicker sisters

The granddaughters told grandfather that this could not be the end. The women decided to continue the family tradition. – Grandfather’s reaction was that he fell silent for a long moment. He thought, and at one point he said, “But the balls!” – Katarzyna recalled.

The sisters’ decision was also surprised by the rest of the family. Neither of them had the experience of running their own business. Anna graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, and Katarzyna is an actress. In order to fully take up wicker, they had to leave their previous activities and, above all, learn to weave. They graduated from a vocational school specializing in wicker.

– The first basket is as much as I can, but the transition from this stage, when this basket is so very artistic, to the point when it is what you really want, requires a lot of work and practice – emphasized Anna Borecka.

The sisters also persuaded my dad to enroll in a vocational school. – At first he resisted quite a bit. He claimed that he would rather not like it, why not. (…) It ended up that dad is the premier basket maker – said Katarzyna. – I would sit and weave all the time and make new items – said Jacek Nejman, father of Anna and Katarzyna.

souorce: Dzien Dobry TVN program


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