Koszyki Food Hall has established itself as top Warsaw spot for food and entertainment.

“Koszyki” Halls – or literally Basket Hall was founded as “People’s Bazaar”. It was built in 1906-1908 at ul. Koszykowa in Warsaw on the grounds of the then Koszyki farm. In these times thanks to a high end renovation the place is a bustling shopping and food hall type culinary destination. There is an abundance of Polish food as well as various international cuisine spots, including American, Vegan, Indian, Italian, French, Greek, Thai, and many more. Some evenings there is also live music and a lively social scene with a huge bar smack in the middle of the complex. 🍅🍷😋

Where does the name Koszyki come from? The name “Baskets” does not come from weaving baskets or store baskets. According to a very likely version, it originates from the embankments of Stanisław Lubomirski, the Grand Marshal of the Crown, who decided to fence Warsaw with trenches, and strengthen them with wicker baskets. The rampart built in 1770-1771 was to protect the city from the cholera epidemic, but it was more likely that it was about money. Thanks to this, fiscal control was strengthened and it was no longer possible to enter the capital just like that. The embankment ran north of today’s Koszykowa Street and practically until 1916 marked the borders of Warsaw, although it had been demolished four decades earlier.

Who designed this place?
The hall was designed in the Art Nouveau style by the main architect of Warsaw in reborn Poland, Juliusz Dzierżanowski. The building’s decorated forged gates were made at the factory of H. Zieleziński. The decorative sculptures, including the surviving bull’s head and mermaid were realized by Zygmunt Otto. As noted, this makes Koszyki Hall worth visiting for historical tourism reasons as well as for endulging in Warsaw’s vibrant food scene. 🌶🥕

This place gives further testiment to the fact that Warsaw is a great food destination. Of course, in addition to the very interesting cultural attributes that the city offers. 😋


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