Lech Majewski is a Polish film director who is a favorite amongst world reknowned actors

Polish director with whom Hollywood stars want to work. John Malkovich came to Silesia for him

Lech Majewski is one of the most recognized Polish film and theater directors in the world. He is simultaneously a painter, writer and sculptor. He chaired the jury during the last film festival in Gdynia. Since his student days, he has worked with the greatest stars of world cinema. He talked about his plans in an interview. ❤️🇵🇱🎥

Lech Majewski in the Katowice studio

Kinga Burzyńska met Lech Majewski in his studio in Katowice. – I was born in an apartment one floor above, and here is my office and studio – says Lech Majewski. He enters the studio as a writer, painter, sculptor and director? 🎥

– It depends on the day. As the Americans say: it depends on the cap I put on my head – the artist jokes. As she adds, she feels at home there. – This is where my life began, hence I set out on this journey around the world – he says. If not for the coronavirus pandemic, he would most likely be in Venice now.
Bartłomiej Topa in an unusual edition. The half-naked photo surprised the fans. “This is a hit” ❤️🇵🇱🎥

Lech Majewski and the stars of world cinema

The director shows the original poster from the premiere of “8 and a Half” on the wall. ❤️🎥

– I got this poster from Ingmar Bergman. In the third year of my studies, I practiced with him on the film “Face to Face” and he gave me this poster, it has such a specific value for me – admits the artist.

The Pole collaborated with David Lynch’s studio and with fantastic actors, incl. Michael York, Rutger Hauer and John Malkovich.

– Viggo Mortensen made his debut in the lead role. I was able to work with interesting actors, because both Peter Firth and Steven Berkoff, and Florinda Bolkan – Luchino Visconti’s favorite actress. I found Benicio del Toro to play for “Basquiat” and Karen Black in “The Fly of the Spruce Goose”. I met Anthony Quinn – he stood and painted. I saw a lot of actors painting: Robert Redford, where I was at home, he and his wife paint – says Lech Majewski.

The Polish artist has also staged plays and operas in Great Britain, Germany and Lithuania.

Lech Majewski – a versatile artist

Recently, he was preparing for a very large exhibition of his works in Shanghai, which was postponed due to the pandemic. – These will be sculptures, videoarts, serigraphs – says the artist.

His book has recently been released on the market. The “hidden language of symbols”.

– This is a collection of certain quintessences that I use in my lectures all over the world. We are playing at deciphering various hidden meanings – explains Lech Majewski.

“Wojaczek”, directed by him, has won over 20 awards all over the world. The numerous awards he received during his career made his mother very happy. ❤️

– She was amazed what I was doing. She said to me: “Lesiu, when will you do something for people?” – the artist laughs.

(source: DDTVN program)

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