The world’s deepest pool which incidentally is in Poland is set to open

Deepspot is the deepest and most modern swimming pool in the world. Located near Warsaw, in Mszczonów to be precise, the reservoir is about to open its doors. In an interview, Michał Braszczyński, the president of Deepspot, announced that the opening will take place on Saturday, November 21, 2020!

Deepspot is over 45.4 m deep (149 ft.). At the level of 20 m, divers can admire five-story caves with stalactites and reliefs stylized as those from Mayan temples. – In addition, there is a tunnel in the pool, just like in Afrikaria, there are hotel rooms at the level of 5 meters under the water with a view of the divers, the wreck, and a tube leading from 20 to 45 meters – says Michał Braszczyński, president of Deepspot.

The facility has as many as 8 thousand. cubic meters of water – as much as 27 regular 25-meter pools. Larsen (retaining) walls in a 50-meter basin will have to withstand a force of 50 metric tons. A special filtration system is being built in the complex with a capacity 80 times greater than in a traditional swimming pool. Thanks to it, the water is to be filtered only 4 times a day.

– There are only two other facilities of this type in the world: the Belgian NEMO33 near Brussels (33 m, opened in 2004) and the Italian Y-40 Deep Joy located near Padua (42.15 m, opened in 2014). Both Belgians and Italians found it much easier to build. The former used a mine shaft, the latter a round excavated pool in rock. We had a lot of technological innovation, but also a lot of risk. For example, the sheikhs in Dubai did well. Their tube, after being inserted into the ground, was literally twisted and they had to abandon the construction – notes Braszczyński.

The construction costs of the facility amounted to approximately PLN 50 million. The investment is 100% Polish 🇵🇱, it was taken care of by a diving enthusiast, Michał Braszczyński. The same one responsible for the creation of Flyspots, i.e. wind tunnels in Warsaw, Katowice and Wrocław.





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