Mushroom map developer creates a tool that helps in determining when it’s the best time to go picking in the forest.

Mushroom picking can compete with grilling, which has been considered the “national sport of Poles” for years. Research shows that 77% of citizens have picked mushrooms at least once in their lifetime. Marek Snowarski, a mushroom forecaster, comes to help in looking for butterfly or boletus mushrooms.

Mushroom forecaster

Marek Snowarski has been creating a map and algorithm for Polish mushroom picking since 2003.

“Apart from nature and mushroom picking, my passion is computer science – the use of the Internet. So I decided to create a website that would support mushroom pickers and their interests”

How is the map made?

This is how the portal was created, where you can monitor the current status of the occurrence of fungi in Poland. Marek, like any weather forecaster, needs data. Other mushroom pickers provide him with this information. He can get up to 1000 reports a week. The sending group includes, among others Łukasz Grzybiarski, mushroom picking enthusiast, who eagerly shares the news with others about where to go mushroom hunting. 🍄🌧

“I am a lover of modern technologies and if there is a possibility to share information with someone about where there is an abundance of mushrooms, why not let others know – here I found such a species, here a kilogram, here two, here three– he cites.

This is how the information – how many kite mushrooms have been collected by Łukasz – goes to Marek Snowarski’s computer. 🍄

“The reports are analyzed by special software that generates a graphic image of the mushroom situation in the country
– explains the mushroom forecaster.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays I prepare the current mushroom outbreak forecast for the coming weekend. The mushroom outbreak isn’t so dynamic that it makes sense to make forecasts every day. This opitmum is once a week– he adds.
We break the stereotype of the mushroom picker

Many mushroom pickers use Marek’s map. “A few years ago it was commonplace that the stereotypical mushroom picker is an old retired man. Now hardly anyone thinks like that anymore – everyone just collects mushrooms.” And these words are confirmed by Polish blogger Marianna Kasperczyk.

“When I started a mushroom blog, I started working on mushroom groups as well. And I saw that people who are passionate about mushrooms – as much as I am – are huge. I thought I was the only one crazy about mushrooms, and there aren’t many people like that. I thought that when they are elderly, retired, but it turns out that among my peers and people much younger than me there are also people who love to go mushroom picking” – she declares.
When is it worth going mushroom picking?

“Since we have so many mushroom pickers in Poland, let’s finally check if they will be able to find treasures in the forest in the coming days? We are now seeing a rising tide of mushroom outbreaks this year. I think it will culminate around October 20-25
 – heralds the forecaster.
Marek, great innovation!
(material source: Dzień Dobry TVN, morning show)

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