Suchowola is famous for being the geographical center of Europe. This fact is commemorated by a 聽boulder that prominently rests in the town鈥檚 central square. The city claims on its website that Suchowola has been recognized as the geographical center of Europe since 1775. This is thanks to the cartographer of King Stanis艂aw August Poniatowski – Szymon Antoni Sobiekrajski, who is responsible for having made the relevant calculations. 馃幆

Tourists visiting Sucholowa and surroundings can, for example, relax by the lagoon in Karpowicze, and also go to the Biebrza National Park. 馃

For example, cycling enthusiasts can travel along the 100-kilometer bicycle route named after martyred Polish priest, Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko. It leads from from Czarna Bia艂ostocka through Czarna Wie艣 Ko艣cielna and then to Jan贸w, Okopy to Suchowola. Further, you can also go through Okopy to Zwierzyniec Wielki, Stara Kamienna, D膮browa Bia艂ostocka to R贸偶anystok. 馃毚鈥嶁檧馃毚鈥嶁檪

Another proposed trail – blue with a length of 126 km begins in Osowiec-Twierdza nad Biebrza and leads through P艂ochowo – Goni膮dz – Mo艅ki – Ja艣wi艂y – Mikicin – Karpowicze to Suchowola, Okop贸w, and further along the route are: Lauda艅szczyzna – Ostr贸wek – Horodnianka – Domuraty – Zwierzyniec Wielki – Grodzisk – Ja艂贸wka – Kopci贸wka – Po艂omin – Kizielany – Zabrodzie. The trail ends in Korycin famous for strawberries and Korycin cheese. 馃悋馃


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