Today Michał Siedlecki is now known and making hand made historical tents for Hollywood production

He started with one tent, today his designs are featured in Hollywood productions. “I’ve always been interested in history and reconstruction”

Michał Siedlecki, passionate about legends, myths and the Middle Ages, came up with the idea of ​​an unusual business. He sews historical tents that we see in world-famous productions. His works appeared in such hits as “The Witcher”, “Vikings” and “Cursed”. How did that happen?
Michał Siedlecki – a fan of legends and historical reconstructions

Michał Siedlecki combined his great passion with a very prospering business. At first glance, it may seem that he is interested in a narrow niche. 🇵🇱✂

Passionate about legends, myths and the Middle Ages, several years ago he started sewing tents and reconstructing historical events. His interest in the distant past turned into a hobby, and this resulted in his own company. Everything started with an inconspicuous dream of a young boy.

– I’ve always been interested in history and reconstruction. I wanted to go to a historical event at the castle in Jura. Unfortunately, I did not have a tent. These tents were quite expensive at the time and hardly anyone could sew them back then, so I figured I’d try, maybe I could do it. After the event, I sold the tent, the client was very pleased and new orders began to appear through word of mouth – recalls Michał Siedlecki.

Polish tents in world productions

With time, the history enthusiast founded a company where producers of the biggest films and the most popular series, such as “The Witcher”, “Cursed” or “Vikings”, began to place orders.

– We made about 40 tents for “Vikings”, it was the first film commission. The deadline was very short. Of course, we stood on our backs, working 2-3 shifts to complete these tents in such a short time. No company has agreed to do so in such a short time. (…) I learned then from the set manager that this date is of most importance, because one shooting day costs 200,000. euro – the tent designer tells us. 🇵🇱😀✂

The entrepreneur is already looking forward to another big Hollywood movie. In this picture we will see, among others Nicole Kidman and Willem Dafoe.

Michał and his associates make sure that their reconstructions are correct and consistent with the legends of the past. Everyone believes that history cannot be compromised. Therefore, they do not use cotton for the production of tents, but only very thick natural linen and impregnated linen, which have been tested many times. Most of the work is done by hand. 🇵🇱✂👏

Not only tents “made in Poland”

Such attention to detail appealed to the producers of films and series, who began to order from Michał’s company not only tents, but also furniture and other elements of the scenery. 🇵🇱😀✂👏

– Michał made for us tents for the film “Northman” about the Vikings. We were delighted. When it turned out that he also made elements of the scenery, we ordered furniture from him. Michał’s works were at the highest level. We were very impressed – says Niamh Coulter, the world-famous set designer.

The works of Michał and his team could be seen in Poland in the palace complex in Wilanów, as well as in several museums and the Polish Moomin Valley. The entire conversation with Michał Siedlecki can be found in our video material.

(source: Dzien Dobry TVN program)

Yeah! for historical tents “Made in Poland”🇵🇱😀


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