Our winter holiday in Poland’s Tatra Mountains was fantastic!

Last week my girls and I spent a week in the Polish Tatra Mountains at one of the leading ski resorts called Bialka Tatrzanska. We were fortunate with pretty good ski slope and weather conditions. I hadn’t been in this region of Poland for many years and I was happily surprised to see the wonderful improvements in the tourist infrastructure while maintaining the unique cultural climate of this region🏂🏔.

There is no lack of things to do in the area even for non skiiers. In addition to the obvious….that is skiing and snowboarding there is a lot to do at numerous aquaparks and thermal baths. We had time to visit two of the complexes, Chocholow Baths and Bania Baths. Both complexes bristle with newness and modern comforts, at the same time eminating a climate of traditional Highlander (Góral) atmosphere. There are plenty of beautiful wood finished elements with Goral touches.

As it was winter break week for some of Poland’s voivodships and apparently also in parts of Britian, the places were really hopping with hoards of people enjoying themselves. Judging by the fact that English was heard everywhere it can be concluded that Poland’s Tatras are a popular winter vacation destination for Brits and Irish. I really didn’t expect to hear so many other languages upon my Polish ski holiday. In addition to English I often heard French, Italian, Dutch and Scandinavian languages. I shouldn’t leave out Slovak, Czech and Hungarian in order not to offend any of our southern neighbors. Somewhat surprisingly, I didn’t hear German even once…..I hope our Austrain, German and Swiss friends feel welcome here. But they have such fantastic places for winter sports that perhaps it’s not that surprising. I was positively surprised that so many cultures were enjoying themselves together in this gorgeous part of Poland. ⛷🏂🏔

As far as food goes we weren’t disappointed either. Within a short walk there were numerous restaurants. We ate a few times at a place just by our hotel, Litworowy Staw, which appears in the Gault & Millau culinary guide for 2020. We weren’t disappointed. A few miles away we also had some very nice fare at culinary diva, Magda Gessler’s, restaurant in Bukovina called Schronisko Smakow, i.e. Shelter of Tastes . The place was bustling with an international crowd as well as Poles. I also recommend Herbaciarnia (Teahouse) where they serve “to die for” deserts and light fare alog with tea, coffee and other beverages,including mead (honey wine). 🍯

All in all, there is plenty to do and experience and I urge all of my blog friends to visit Poland and particularly the Tatra Mountains. I’ts Worth it in Poland! And don’t miss buying some oscypek cheese before you leave to take back home.


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