Since April storks have been returning from north Africa to their favorite European country

In the first days of spring, the first storks arrived to Poland

-Storks arrived very early this year. The first stork in the Lublin Province appeared in mid March. This happened quite early, because the first nesting storks are usually expected a few days later.  This early arrival is probably due to good weather on the flight path of these birds. Usually, the first storks that appear in Poland are birds that winter more closely to Poland’s border, e.g. in Georgia, Bulgaria or Turkey.
This year, storks were very punctual in the Lower Silesia region arriving around the first days of spring.
The storks that had chosen Africa for the wintering destination arrive last in Poland. These birds have a distance of over 10,000 kilometers to cover. In one day, storks are able to fly up to 700 kilometers, but usually decide on shorter day flights. They usually return to Europe at the end of March and beginning of April.

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