A Polish stand-up comedian came up with a great idea in the times of COVID. Perform from the roof of his Fiat Cinqocento.

Stand-up on the roof

Mateusz Kiedrowski also stands out with his sense of humor. The 24-year-old is literally the first traveling stand-up comic in Poland. “I don’t need a club to perform.” All he needs is a car and a stage mounted on the roof. In this way, he travels the country and amuses Poles. 😅👋

– It was a total unknown. He said he would prepare a car with a stage set-up and we would see if people would come. They came and you can see they are coming. It has become more and more official and legal, and now it is a brand in itself – recalls Małgorzata Różalska, an improvisation trainer. 🤣👌

It’s not difficult for one who is determined.

Love the initiative! Good luck Mateusz 😅🤣👌👋


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