There are 45 Spa locations in Poland with mineral baths and/or treatment centers for a broad variety of ailments.

List of SPA towns in Poland (Zdroj means spa or spring):


The Augustow Forest and surrounding waters create a unique micro-climate, which is ideal for the treatment of respiratory tract conditions, orthopaetic – traumatic diseases, rheumatic diseases, peripheral vascular diseases, osteoperosis, neurosis, and increasing of general immunity.

Busko Zdroj

Thanks to the  medicinal properties of unique sulphur,  iodine and bromine waters Busko Zdroj has been a valued balneological health resort since 1836. The greatest treasures of the Busko vicinity are the mineral waters and mud which are natural therapeutic agents. The waters extracted from the wells at the spa fall into two categories, sulphur and a combination of iodine and bromide. The former is among one of the rarest mineral waters and its healing properties make Busko-Zdroj one of a few unique spa centres in Europe. Sulphur penetrates the skin into the bloodstream and assists with the healing of tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bones and other internal organs. The iodine and bromide waters are used for certain diseases of the circulatory system and autonomic nervous system. The selenium present in this water is necessary to maintain healthy heart muscles and blood vessels.


The iconic health resort in Ciechocinek offers not only brine baths, but also spa treatments including one of the most precious gifts of nature- peat. It helps in the treatment of inflammation, muscular diseases, bone and joint diseases, gynaecologicaldiseases and clearly affects the appearance of skin.


Cieplice Slaskie Zdroj

Thanks to its qualities the thermal water of the SPA warms, acts preventively in the formation of stones in the urinary tract, increases the minaraliztion of bones, acts against tooth decay, as well as antitbaterial enhancement. It also is believed to lower cholesterol  in the blood.

Czerniawa Zdroj

The natural resources, on which a 200 year old spa tradition was built, are the raw materials in the mineral water, radon water and mud deposits found here. Radon water is recommended for the treatment of atherosclerosis and thrombosis of peripheral vessels, in the rehabilitation of rheumatic diseases and traumatic musculoskeletal and respiratory systems. Today the Spa Hospital treats chronically sick children suffering with respiratory diseases, asthma and immune system deficiencies. Czerniawa-Zdroj is perfect for the implementation of preventative measures in the health of children and youths with its range of sports and recreational camps and therapeutic leisure activities.

Dlugopole Zdroj

Dating back to 1802 the spa resort specialises in the curative treatment of liver diseases, such as the viral condition after inflammation, cirrhosis and chronic inflammation. Treatments of gastrointestinal disorders include those for diseases of the pancreas, inflammation of the stomach lining and dysfunction of the gall bladder and the bile tract. It appears that treatments of patients with diabetes, hyperlipidemia and gout have been highly effective. Patients with cardiovascular diseases are also directed to Dlugopole-Zdroj. Atherosclerosis, varicose veins, hypertension, peripheral circulatory disorders, varying states of thrombophlebitis and chronic ischemic heart disease are also treated here.

Duszniki Zdroj

The first study of the mineral springs in Duszniki was carried out in 1748 and by 1769 the “Cold Spa” in Duszniki became an official spa on a list of healing resorts in Prussia. In 1797 spa treatments began in a makeshift shed housing six baths and using pre-heated water from the “Cold Spa”. In the same year the “Warm Spring” was discovered, which in later years became known as “Chopin’s Foam Bath”. There are  carbonic acid mineral waters. The natural sparkling waters of Duszniki are used in treatment of a variety of illnesses, including cardiac problems, gastrical problem and respiratory system problem.



The resort at Goczalkowice is a modern well equipped spa which treats more than 10,000 patients each year, offering professional care and using experienced personnel. The hospitals, sanatoriums, health resorts and clinics in Goczalkowice specialise in the treatment of rheumatic diseases (rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis), degenerative diseases of the peripheral joints and the spine, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases (diabetes or gout) and osteoporosis. Treatment of children includes diseases of bones and joints, muscular diseases, like dystrophy, myopathy or atrophy, and neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy and traumatic paresis.

Horyniec Zdroj

Treatments include water therapies, which are effective in treatment of intestinal and metabolic diseases as well as respiratory tract infections, using spring  waters with hydrogen sulphide from Róża III and Róża IV springs.

Iwonicz Zdroj

Iwonicz-Zdroj specialises in treatments that include diseases of the digestive, nervous and the respiratory systems, traumatic orthopaedic diseases, rheumatologic and degenerative complaints, osteoporosis, obesity, psoriasis and specific women’s ailments.

Jedlina Zdroj

The resort treats respiratory, gastrointestinal and urinary tract diseases, musculoskeletal disorders and metabolic diseases. The “Teresa” Health Resort Hospital conducts treatment during early stages of cardiac rehabilitation and the Jedlina-Zdroj resort as a whole has proved successful in the treatment of diseases which are a direct consequence of the progress of civilisation and its associated lifestyle, nervousness and stress.

Krynica Zdroj

Krynica is a famous health resort of unusual climate as well as of therapeutic and touristic values. It owes its fame to its outstanding mineral waters thanks to which it started developing as a spa which status it holds even now, restoring health and energy to thousands of people. The health resort treats problems of the digestive system, kidney problems, vascular diseases, diabetes, and other illnesses.

Kudowa Zdroj

The therapeutic properties of  Kudowa Zdrój  mineral water  springs were already discovered in 1580,  the first wooden bath facilities were constructed in 1636. Nowadays  four mineral water springs are being exploited. Two of them (arsenic, hydrogen, carbonate, sodium and calcium ferriferous mineral water of Jędrzej Śniadecki with mineralization of 3.05 g/litre and hydrogen, carbonate, calcium and sodium radon mineral water of  Leon Marchlewski with mineralization of 1.15 g/litre) are available in the intake of  the well- room and the  other two are supplied from the bath facilities. In the 19th  century and the beginning of the 20th  century every week the water was sent from the springs of Kudowa Zdrój to Berlin, where it was highly appreciated. The treatments at Kudowa-Zdroj include those for haematological, traumatic orthopaedic, cardiovascular, rheumatic and gastrointestinal diseases and obesity and also the rehabilitation treatments of children.

Ladek Zdroj

Ladek-Zdroj offers treatments, rehabilitation and relaxation in the best traditions reminiscent of this resort. These include traumatic orthopaedic, rheumatic, skin and gynaecological diseases, ailments of the upper and lower respiratory tract and nervous system, osteoporosis, diabetes and infertility.


Today Naleczow is a modern fully equipped spa and the only one in Poland specialising in the treatment of patients with cardiac problems. Thanks to the high positive ionisation of the atmosphere that supports the specialised natural spa treatment of hypotension and helps with the process of recovery. Top specialists in diagnostic cardiology, rehabilitation, balneology and physical medicine prepare individualised treatment programmes, identify required treatments and carry them out. Cardiovascular conditions are the primary ailments treated in Naleczow but there are also excellent facilities here for the rehabilitation of patients after myocardial infarction and cardiac surgery.

Piwniczna Zdroj

The natural mineral medicinal waters found here have become known as “Sour Water”. Because of their high content of magnesium and calcium ions, they have a neutralising effect on gastric juices, thus working favourably in the treatment of peptic ulcers, gastritis, diabetes and inflammatory bowel and pancreatic diseases. The spa’s medical and therapeutic centres use mineral water baths, mud, hydrotherapeutic showers, massage, gymnastics, inhalation and drinking in their range of available treatments.

Polczyn Zdroj.

Shortly after the war the spa functions of the town began to be reactivated which was substantially assisted with the discovery of therapeutic brine deposits in Polczyn-Zdroj. After the completion of exhaustive research it was found to be advantageous in the treatment of musculoskeletal, gynaecological and rheumatic diseases. Polczyn-Zdroj became the centre for Balneological treatment of women’s diseases including infertility.

Polanica Zdroj

Today, with the distinction of being the smallest active spa resort in Poland, it has four sanatoriums, a small spa park, with a swimming pool and fitness and rehabilitation trails, and a club with a café and a library for the use of its patients. There are three sources of spring water within the resort which specialises in the treatment of traumatic orthopaedic, rheumatic and neurological diseases as well as sciatica, osteoporosis, peripheral limb ischemia and mild hypertension. Rehabilitating work is carried out on patients with conditions after trauma and neurological or orthopaedic surgery.

Rabka Zdroj

Rabka has become an important centre for the treatment of tuberculosis, second only to Zakopane. When this became rare the spa changed its specialisation toward the treatment of asthma and respiratory diseases. Both adults and children are treated in Rabka-Zdroj but the tradition of treating children was upheld and expanded into new directions, leisure and health tourism.

Rymanow Zdroj

Rymanow-Zdroj offers treatment of respiratory, cardiovascular and urinary tract diseases as well as musculoskeletal disorders but specialises in the treatment of children with kidney diseases, cerebral palsy, hip dysfunction, allergies and rheumatism. The resort also has teaching facilities, ranging from primary to high school, to ensure continuity of education of children who have to remain for treatment. Extracurricular educational activities are conducted throughout the year, even during holidays, half term and bank holidays.The resort also offers cryotherapy treatments with low temperatures ranging between -120°C and -140°C. The short stay in the specialist chamber, between one and three minutes, is closely supervised by a specialist.

Solec Zdroj

The sulphur rich water is the most powerful therapeutic water in Poland and one of the best in Europe. This reputation is due not only to the concentration of sulphur ions but also because of its high mineralisation. It has a high medicinal value and is used in the treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders, cardiovascular, skin and respiratory diseases as well as to combat heavy metal poisoning.

Szczawno Zdroj

Treatments in Szczawno-Zdroj include those for musculoskeletal disorders, diseases of the respiratory system, urinary tract and the digestive system as well as cardiovascular and metabolic complaints. Specialist treatments for children include those for asthma, allergies and chronic sinusitis, diseases of the endocrine system and metabolism, posture defects and cerebral palsy.

Swieradow Zdroj.

Treatments in Swieradow-Zdroj include those for musculoskeletal, rheumatic and neurological disorders, gynaecological and respiratory tract diseases, peripheral atherosclerosis, asthma, allergies and osteoporosis.


The resort has the characteristic of a marine spa with a maritime climate that is mildly stimulating and moderated by the surrounding wooded areas and parks. The basic elements utilised for treatments at the resort are the natural spring mineral water, which is rich in bromides, iodine and sodium, the therapeutic mud and the local climate.


The following diseases can be treated here: orthopedic and traumatic, nervous, rheumatological, peripheral nervous system, skin.