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Experts in Christmas “Facts after Facts” program about the COVID-19 epidemic and trust in vaccination against coronavirus

We live in such a disinformation bubble in Poland that it is sometimes difficult to be truly informed, even though we inform  reliably and intensively about the right information – said doctor Tomasz Karauda from the hospital in Lodz, talking about public trust in vaccinations against COVID-19. Evolutionary virologist Dr. Emilia Cecylia Skirmuntt pointed out that “it is not that after this pandemic we will be completely safe”, and the president of the Polish Academy of Sciences, professor Jerzy Duszyński estimated that due to the appearance of the omicron coronavirus variant, “all of us will become infected “.

The guests of the Christmas issue of “Faktów po Faktach” on TVN24 were Dr. Emilia Cecylia Skirmuntt, an evolutionary virologist from the University of Oxford, professor Jerzy Duszyński, president of the Polish Academy of Sciences and chairman of the COVID-19 advisory team at the Polish Academy of Sciences and doctor Tomasz Karauda from the University’s lung diseases department. Of the Clinical Hospital Norbert Barlicki in Łódź. They talked about the development of the COVID-19 epidemic and vaccines against the coronavirus.

Dr. Skirmuntt: It is not that we will be completely safe after this pandemic

Dr Emilia Cecylia Skirmuntt pointed out that “pandemics have been with us since the beginning of humanity”. – Pandemics are quite natural and pandemics have happened and will happen. It’s not that we’ll be completely safe after this pandemic, and we probably won’t be able to predict when and where the next pandemic will happen either, ‘she said.

The evolutionary virologist also spoke about the behavior of society in the face of an epidemiological threat. – Even after the flu pandemic, which was at the beginning of the 21st century, people actually followed all the recommendations for some time, even confidence in vaccinations grew a lot, but only six months after the pandemic was over, washing hands was forgotten, vaccines were forgotten, and this is mainly due to disinformation of anti-vaccine communities – she assessed.

She said maybe now, after nearly two years with COVID-19, “it won’t be like that.” “But we’ll see,” she added. 👩‍🔬🇵🇱

President of the Polish Academy of Sciences: bad news, like bad money, drives out good news

Professor Jerzy Duszyński pointed out that the work on vaccines using the mRNA technology, on which some COVID-19 vaccines are currently based, “has been going on for many, many years in several very, very advanced centers around the world”.

– They do not bring such spectacular success, because these vaccines were first conceived in the fight against cancer, with various genetic diseases, and so on. And a moment came when they turned out to be an extremely effective tool in fighting a very serious problem – he explained. This – according to the president of the Polish Academy of Sciences – “is unprecedented”. As he said, “the world of science has mobilized itself remarkably and has shown its power”. 👩🩺🇵🇱

Note that despite this, some people still do not believe in the effectiveness of vaccines, prof. Duszyński said that “bad news, like bad money, supersede good news.” “It is incomprehensible to me,” he admitted.

– We live in a country where people swallow absolutely unproven pharmacological information, but in a mysterious way for me they are unable to save themselves and their loved ones from the inevitability of a very dangerous threat – he added.

According to him, “it is known that this threat will come.” – The appearance of the omicron is the emergence of a situation in which we can argue whether it will be in 20 days or in 40 days. All of us will be infected – assessed the head of the COVID-19 advisory team at the Polish Academy of Sciences . “Since it will be a huge number, even if the omicron is a less dangerous variant, a huge group of people will either be in hospitals or in quarantines,” he added.

The evolutionary virologist: this has been said for many years, but no one was listening to scientists

Dr. Skirmuntt admitted that six years ago she reviewed papers that “said that) the next pandemic would be a pandemic possibly caused by coronaviruses coming from Asia, possibly China.” – It has been said for many years, but no one listened to scientists – she argued. 👩‍🔬🧑‍🔬

According to her, it is easier to invest in things that can give us more money faster than actually trying to counter a potential threat in some way.

The epidemic virologist warned again that pandemics have already occurred and will continue to do so. “We can more or less predict what the next pathogen will be, because these potentially pandemic viruses are constantly under surveillance. But the scientists who do it are very underfunded and we have little time for this reaction when something like Wuhan actually happens, added Dr Skirmuntt. 👩‍🔬🧑‍🔬🥽🩺🇵🇱

source: Dzien Dobry TVN program


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