This young Pole is the best drummer in the world. She defeated 1,000 competitors from 60 countries

Wiktoria Bialic can boast the title of the best drummer in the world. This very young artist outclassed the competition and won the most prestigious competition – Hit Like A Girl – for drummers.

The best drummer in the world

Wiktoria Bialic is only 21 years old. She has been playing the drums since she was 10. Recently she won a competition – Hit Like A Girl – for the best drummer in the world. – Everything was done online and the jury was in Los Angeles. It was the largest and most prestigious competition for drummers only – said Wiktoria Bialic on the Dzień Dobry TVN program. 😀❤️🇵🇱🥁

One thousand drummers from 60 countries applied to participate in the competition. –

The competition was huge. It is a great honor for me, because I am the first Polish woman to win it – she added. The artist confessed that she applied for the second time to participate in Hit Like A Girl. Last year she made it to the final but failed to win. – The competition is very specific. There are a huge number of submissions, and the drummers take care about the visual aspect very much, showing their performances from the perspective of several cameras. I bet on one, but I presented different musical styles – she added. 🥁 😀❤️

The beginning of a great career

Although Wiktoria Bialic is at the beginning of her musical career, she can already boast about cooperation with Marysia Sadowska or Ralph Kamiński. Winning a prestigious competition made other musicians and percussion producers talk to her. “I get various offers, even to record an album, and I am very proud of it,” she added.

(source: Dzien Dobry TVN program)

Good luck Wiki….we’re proud of you!! 😀❤️


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