The Polish sextuplets born two years ago are doing fine and enjoying another Christmas

It is the second Christmas for the sextuplets from Tylmanowa. On this occasion, a Christmas photo appeared on their instagram profile. The little ones look adorable, and the fans are amazed at the parents who managed to get the attention of the kids.

Sześcioraczki included in the picture

By following the Szescioraczkipl Instagram profile, we can admire their successive achievements every now and then and watch the little ones from Tylmanowa develop beautifully. There was also a Christmas photo on the board. Nela, Kaja, Malwina, Zosia and Filip sit politely in their Christmas clothes (identical of course) right next to the Christmas tree. The post was marked with wishes:

– We wish everyone a healthy, peaceful and, despite everything, happy Christmas ❤️ – we read in the entry.

Fans in response wish the little ones and their parents a lot of joy. However, they also cannot get over the captured frame. They ask how they managed to focus the attention of the little ones so that they did not spread out in their own directions. They also wonder how it is possible that the girls do not take the headbands off, the post says:

A beautiful photo, but one question comes to mind … What all of the kids have stuck to them that no one is escaping 😂😂😂.

May holiday of sextuplets

All of Poland lived the emotions of the moments of their birth. The sixtuplets from Tylmanowa were born at the University Hospital in Krakow in May 2019. On the occasion of the kids’ first birthday, parents Klaudia and Szymon Marzec told TVN on Dzień Dobry TVN how they celebrated this special day and what their everyday life looks like.

(source: Dzien Dobry TVN program)

We wish the whole Family “Many Beautiful Moments Together!:”



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