You may want to think twice before getting pregnant right now.

Women who were planning a child should wait for pregnancy during the outbreak of the coronavirus, says a national gynecology consultant in Poland.

This is one of the recommendations contained in the recommendations for gynecological wards in connection with coronavirus, issued by a Polish national consultant in the field of gynecology and obstetrics, prof. Krzysztof Czajkowski and prof. Mirosław Wielgoś, national consultant in the field of perinatology.

“Since there was insufficient data on the impact of SARS-CoV-2 infection on the development of pregnancy in its early stages so far, taking into account far-reaching precautions, women planning to become pregnant are advised to consider postponing reproductive plans until the epidemiological situation normalizes or confirms no impact on child development, “the doctors wrote.

– The right recommendation, although to a large extent is quite precautionary – tell newspaper  “Wyborcza” gynecologist Dr. Grzegorz Południewski. “The placental barrier is probably sufficient to protect the child from maternal coronavirus infection,” he explains. – However, until we have more knowledge about whether and how such infection affects the development of pregnancy, it’s better to wait – he adds.

More than a dozen children born to women infected with coronavirus have been born in Poland so far. – The key is not to let the virus get through droplets during delivery.

We had several cases of Caesarean births when children were born healthy, and births during which infection occurred – says Dr. Południewski. According to the doctor, this can confirm that the placenta protects the child well.

According to the Polish Society of Reproductive Medicine and Embryology, no case of infection with the baby’s virus during pregnancy has yet been confirmed. Previous studies also show that this virus probably does not cross the placenta or into breast milk.

In vitro must wait

Coronavirus has also changed the situation of couples who are applying for a child in vitro. Some clinics suspended the admission of new patients, others admit them remotely and in the facility, changing the organization of work.

– For patients who are thinking about treatment or need a diagnosis, we offer video consultations with specialists. Earlier, ultrasound and examination can be performed in our clinics. If the couple were undergoing treatment, they must wait for the embryo to transfer to the uterus for now. We want to ensure the full safety of our patients – says Katarzyna Goch from the Invicta clinic network. Until the epidemic ends, patients can freeze their embryos. – It is safe and does not reduce the effectiveness of treatment – adds Goch.

Only necessary gynecological examinations

Due to coronavirus, consultants also advise physicians not to carry out gynecological examinations that may be waiting. Hospitals are canceling planned procedures and examinations. They are performed only in emergency situations and in patients with malignant tumors.

Waiting for prenatal tests to determine if the fetus is developing properly is deferred. They should be done on specific dates. There is no recommendation to abandon this diagnosis, but in practice patients have a problem with these tests. Often, they only have private clinics.

Pregnant women should avoid contact with others – consultants also advise. When they end up in delivery, they will not be able to give birth in the presence of loved ones – family deliveries are suspended, as are visits to gynecology and obstetrics. Contact with relatives is possible only through electronic devices.

Preventive examinations, e.g. cytology and ultrasound, are also suspended. – Let’s wait a few months and let’s avoid crowded clinics. We must focus on limiting the spread of coronavirus – says Dr. Południewski.

(source: Gazeta Wyborcza: Poland’s premier daily)


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