Jacek Jagódka is making his mark in Hollywood

Jacek Jagódka is a Polish actor and stunt performer who makes a career in Hollywood. He has worked on film sets with the greatest movie stars, and his skills can be admired in “Star Wars” or “Wonder Woman”, among others.

How did he get into show business?

The Polish stuntman is making a career in Hollywood

Jacek Jagódka, also known as Jack Jagodka, starred in 46 films. In his career, he collaborated with Angelina Jolie, Daniel Craig, Ryan Reynolds and Henry Cavill. 👍 How did it happen that a boy from Stalowa Wola, who was supposed to be a basketball player, ended up in the film industry? – When I moved to the UK to play basketball, a production company called my team asking if they had basketball players over 190 cm tall because they needed them to act as an actor in their film. 💪 This is how it started – said Jacek Jagódka, stuntman and actor in an interview with Robert Stockinger.

The road to being a full-time stuntman was not easy. – I had to master faith jumping, swimming, martial arts, horse riding, climbing and diving. It took me some time, but it worked out and I finally got my first role in “Tarzan” – recalled Jagódka. 💪👍🇵🇱

Does a stuntman have to have acting talent? – Yes, the viewer must believe what we are doing. The stuntman is actually an actor who does not utter any text – he said.

In which productions can you see him?

– “James Bond”, “Star Wars”, “Jurassic Word” or “Wonder Woman” – he stated. 👍

Dreams for the future

In an interview with Robert Stockinger, the stuntman confessed that he would very much like to make a film in Poland. But this is not the only dream Jacek Jagódka has. – I would like to record something completely different, i.e. a culinary program about veganism. He has been following such a diet for eight years. I think that the combination of a healthy food program and action can result in a good TV show – he said in an interview with our reporter.

(source: Dzien Dobry TVN program)

Good Luck Jacek!!


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