Poland’s Kuba Sitak trains upcoming Chinese talents in preparation for superstars and live the lifestyle of his dreams

Snowboarder Kuba Sitak about chasing dreams. “In Poland I collided with the wall”.

5 years have passed since he left Poland. Kuba Sitak told TVN reporter Marcin Sawicki about his American dream and his work, which is the fulfillment of his dreams.

Kuba Sitak – a coach for a medal

As he says, his dream has always been to be able to snowboard, skate and surf, and have all these activities in one place. And that’s how it happened. Kuba Sitak has been living in California for five years. The day starts with surfing. Currently, he trains Max Dai, a 7-year-old competitor from China, whose goal is to go to the Olympics. 🚦

We managed to win all the competitions in which we took part. If I have a childl athlete toΒ  train, I have to be like a family friend who trains, and I have five pillars to which I pay attention, on which I base my training philosophy– he says.

What are the pillars? Vision, faith, support, love and patience. As he explains, in his case, this support was missing. How did he start?

Kuba Sitak – in pursuit of dreams

He started his career in Poland. However, there was no adequate infrastructure at that time to develop this passion. πŸ‚πŸ„β€β™‚πŸŒ΄

“I felt an inner need to fulfill myself. In Poland, I collided with the wall– he says.

The thought of going to the United States had been in his head for three years. Eventually he decided he wanted to change his life. He trained a lot, injuries were inevitable, but as you can see – it was worth it.

Kuba! Keep up the good work. πŸš¦πŸ‚πŸ„β€



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