More and more non Polish people are appreciating the attributes of country living in Poland.

Polish countryside through the eyes of foreigners. “I was looking for such a place, peace and harmony”

The Polish countryside is loved not only by Poles, but also by foreigners. They often change their metropolises into small and charming towns in our country. What captivates and inspires them? We were told about this by those living in Poland: Stéphane Lefevre – French, producer of sheep’s cheese and Urian Hopman – Dutch, owner of agritourism.

Stéphane Lefevre and his life in the Polish countryside 🇫🇷

Stéphane Lefevre fell in love with the Polish countryside at first sight. After years of traveling around the world, on July 8, 2014, he finally settled in the village of Kiersztanowo in Warmia. In addition, he changed from the role of sales executive to being the owner of anagritourism enterprise. 🇫🇷🧀🐑

– In the 90s I came here to Poland, I was sent by a French company to develop the Polish market. I’ve been here for a good few years. From 2000 to 2014, I returned to France- he said. ❤️

Stefan planned to return in his “old age” to his beloved Poland. However, together with his Polish wife, he bought a farm in Warmia and moved much earlier. When asked what he would miss the most, he told me – French cheese and wine. It was then that the idea of making products yourself was born. Stefan took up work on a French farm to train himself in the trade, and then imported sheep, chickens and rabbits to Poland.🐐🐑

For a year and a half, I took a job in France on a farm to learn everything from scratch. We came here and we are operating- he added.

The family in the village of Kiersztanowo also has an agritourism farm, two houses for tourists. In winter, when the visitors leave the town, Stefan runs an amateur theater with his neighbors. Stefan’s activity was immortalized on his channel by another Frenchman (of Polish decent), celebrity chef, Pascal Brodnicki.🇫🇷

Urian Hopman’s love of the country 🇳🇱

Urian Hopman came to Poland for the first time in 1993 and he immediately fell in love. A person who has been associated with art all his life. What he saw in the country of Poland was amazing and one of a kind for him

. – I came to Poland in 1993, I worked in Złotoryja. I designed Christmas decorations there. I felt good here and I was looking for such a place, peace and harmony. A few years later, I thought that I would like to live here. I fell in love with this country – said Urian. ❤️🇳🇱

Urian Hopman has lived in Poland since 2008. The man bought a farm near Jelenia Góra and started agritourism. One day, a particular Dutch woman arrived as a guest and things would develop a little differently later.

 – My wife once visited Poland as a tourist. She was a guest of my agritourism habitat. She liked the interiors very much and asked if I would help her. I went with her and we fell in love on the way to Holland. She decided to come to Poland – he explained.

Come visit Poland when we defeat the pandemic!!

(source: Dzien Dobry TVN program)


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