Maryna Gąsienica-Daniel is a Polish skier competing in World Championships

Maryna Gąsienica-Daniel – the best Polish alpine skier of the 21st century. “I always try to enjoy what I do”

The 2020/2021 winter season was the best in the history of Maryna Gąsienicy-Daniel’s career. The alpine skier was ranked 10th in the giant in Lenzerheide in the last Alpine World Cup competition this season. Thus, she became the first Polish woman in over 30 years to be among the world’s best. She talked to us about great emotions and injuries.

Maryna Gąsienica-Daniel – a great success

In the 2019/2020 season, Maryna did not take part in the competition due to an injury. So this year’s starts were the first ones after the break. The competitor admitted that she dreamed of a strong return. Yet another adversity appeared on her way. Maryna fell down and broke two ribs during this year’s World Cup in Jasna, Slovakia. Despite the great pain, the competitor decided to start in the final for the World Cup.

Adrenaline is doing its job. My ribs were broken, and I felt pretty bad about them. Until the end, we worked hard at physiotherapy to heal them as much as possible. I did thousands of compresses at home. Until the last day, I did not know if I would be able to start

– she said.

The competitor also admitted that her first injury taught her that you need to be patient and decide what you can do on a regular basis. So Maryna did not prepare for a great start. She verified everything day by day.

Preparations for the next seasons

Currently, Maryna is getting ready for next season for the Beijing Olympics in February 2022. As she admitted, she does not put any pressure on herself and would not want outside factors to do it. In her opinion, such actions do not help in any way, and even harm.

– I try to always enjoy what I do and I know that I always try to do my best. I have no regrets that I did something wrong. I train hard and work to achieve good results, but we know how it is in sports. There are hard times, she said

Maryna trains outside of Poland. As she admitted, she most often travels to Austria and Italy. What does her everyday life look like?

– The whole year is very busy. There is a plan for the entire season and preparations. In summer, we are very much on glaciers. Before the pandemic, we managed to travel to New Zealand in September. Now we have been preparing all season in Europe on glaciers – she summed up.

(source Dzien Dobry TVN program)

Keep up the successes, Maryna!!!


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