The Flying Dragons group delights the public at air shows. “We also fly at night”

It's a Bird, it's a Plane. No it's the Flying Dragons Team

Devotion, courage, discipline – these words can be used to describe the passion of members of the Flying Dragons show group. Instead of individualism, they focus on cooperation. Effect? Incredible sky shows that often take place in unfavorable weather conditions.

Flying Dragons group

Paragliding is a sport close to the hearts of lovers of sky-high sensations. It is thanks to it that it’s possible to realize the eternal dreams of man about flying. Many people practice it recreationally, but these guys don’t. Two of the members of the Flying Dragons Team,, Łukasz Czuba and Łukasz Sarzyński  which specializes in incredible sky air shows, sat down for an interwiew with Poland’s TVN TV. They use powered paragliders, they explained….and put on a real show. In fact they are one of only two such teams in the world. The other is from Qatar.🪂👍

Our show is synchronized group flying. (…) It can be said that we are one of the few groups in the world that has taken up such a challenge. We fly sometimes touching or within millimeters of each other, and that with pyrotechnic effects. –  explained Łukasz Sarzyński

Flying Dragons shows

Their sky-high performances take place not only in Poland, but also internationally. It’s often a difficult task to perform, if only because of the necessity to organize shows even in unfavorable circumstances.

During recreational flying, we can choose the conditions suitable for the flight. Here at the shows we have to adapt to these conditions and sometimes fly in unfavorable weather conditions. We also fly at night, after dark. We even happened to fly in Portugal on New Year’s Eve, at 12am

It hasn’t yet happened that due to bad weather conditions they’ve cancelled a performance. After all, some people travel as much as 700 km to see them. 🪂🌞

How Flying Dragons train

They work on the technique absolutely alone and have no additional team to help prepare the whole thing. This is important – especially since each member of the Flying Dragons deals with different things professionally. Although their shows take place in the skies, all training takes place on the ground. This is where they practice the entire choreography, which they then present to their audience.

In general, it looks like we are walking like geese, so we are walking in the meadow, we have headphones on normally, we have a friend who guides us on the radio. Just as if we were flying. We analyse all the dangerous situations that we discuss later after this training. –– revealed Łukasz Czuba.

This is when they decide what to do if something doesn’t go as planned.

We also train with the person who guides us. It is also important that our leader, who is on the ground, guides us via the radio, also knows our reactions to some dangerous situations. – added Łukasz Sarzyński.
The dangers

Like many sports, the one practiced by the Flying Dragons group is associated with certain risks.

The wing we fly on is a soft lobe, it has no stiffening. It is only stiffened by air pressure from the outside. It is known that normally in the air the wind not only blows sideways, as it seems, but there are also rising and falling currents, and this is the greatest danger that the wing can fold.– explained Łukasz Sarzyński.

There is also a human factor – that is, a possible mistake made by the flyers.

Keep it up Guys….Literally! 😃


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