She has made a career in German film and dreams of also playing in Poland

Anja Antonowicz – a Polish actress who is making a career in German cinema. “My dream is to play in Poland again”

Dzień Dobry TVN met Anja Antonowicz back in Berlin in February 2016. At that time, her career in Germany had already lasted 10 years. In Poland, her main role in the movie “Once Again” brought her the greatest fame. Germans, on the other hand, know Anja thanks to the criminal series “Tatort”, which breaks popularity records there. Years later Mateusz Hładki talked to the actress again and asked about her greatest professional achievements.
The phenomenon of “Tatortu”

Anja Antonowicz is a Polish actress who has been making her mark on the German film and serial market for several decades. The greatest recognition in the west was brought by her role in the crime fiction “Tatort”. Although a modest Polish woman says little about her career, we know that widely read magazines and foreign portals follow her activities. 👍❤

– “Tatort” is a German crime story set in many cities in Germany. Each city has a group of detectives and I belong to the Kiel group. I joined them 6 years ago. These are millions of viewers in front of televisions. It is a German tradition, on Sundays at 8:15 pm everyone sits down and watches – said Anja Antonowicz, the actress.

The Polish woman plays not only in the German series, but also in American productions. She recently appeared in “Station Berlin”, a story about American spies. It is also interesting that Anja plays a German women in German productions. As she admitted, she worked on the accent for many years.

– I would like many compatriots who will come to Berlin, who will play, not to be limited only to the roles of cleaners, drug dealer, construction workers. I would like the German market to open up – she said.

A Pole in the eye of Germans

Anja admitted that in everyday life she had never encountered a situation in which she would be discriminated against by local residents for some reason. However, the division is felt at work. The star revealed that the Polish surname can quite often have an influence on whether one will receive the desired role. 👍❤🇵🇱

In Bavaria, the editor can say, “We will not take her, because with this Polish surname our viewer will not fully believe that she can play the Bavarian best friend” – she said.

The German press writes a lot about Anja, about her roles and activities. However, the actress claims that she does not pay attention to this.

For her, smaller goals count.

I set myself smaller goals. Due to the fact that I have been in Germany for so many years and I am an integral part of this society, I would like to it introduce Poland from a side  which they do not know. My next project is an audiobook recorded with a very famous cellist Katarzyna Połomek. We will record “King Matt I” in German. We are going to make a program where we will present many fragments of Polish literature – she said. ❤🇵🇱

Anja Antonowicz about her most important roles and dreams

During a conversation with Mateusz, Anja revealed that 2019 was very intense for her. It was then that the actress made two productions. The Polish woman played, among others in a romantic comedy filmed in Cornwall, and in the production of “Love Ship” where she played the role of an art historian.

– The biggest professional challenge was “Bad Banks”. This is also a series, it tells about all kinds of financial scams in Frankfurt and Luxembourg – she said.

The actress also admitted that she dreams of being able to play in a Polish film again after years of break. As she says, in her mother tongue, speech, thinking and working are completely different.

– I would love to play in Poland. I would like to do it because I haven’t played in 15 years. Due to the fact that Polish is the language that I use to communicate with my family and my son every day, I realized that I also speak Polish differently. Otherwise, a person thinks in their mother tongue. It is my great dream to play in Poland – she summed up.

(source: Dzien Dobry TVN program)


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