If you love mushrooms this is probably one of your favorite times of the year.

Poles are big on mushrooms and people are out in droves mushroom picking in the forests, frequently starting in the whee hours of the morning. Personally, I like to eat just a few once in a while and don’t like to stray from the trails. πŸ„

This past weekend my girls and I went on a half day trip about 40 minutes drive from Warsaw to one of our favorite nearby forests a ways northeast of the capital. As usual around this time of yearΒ  locals line roadsides near the woods offering their pickings to those ofΒ  us that are more convenience minded. Intending just to browse a bit we ultimately couldn’t resist but make a purchase. πŸ„

After mushroom shopping we went to the local fishing ponds (Łowisko Jegiel) where you can have your choice of an assortment of freshwater fish. πŸ„


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