I like good food.  Probably you do too. Well, let me tell you…..the food in Poland is terrific.

Of course, this is a general statement and it is possible to have an unhappy experience culinarily. But generally speaking the food in Poland is Good. There is a culinary tradition and since the fall of communism the food scene here has reemerged Bigtime.

Take our family trip to an old SPA town, Solec Zdroj, about an hour’s drive east of Krakow.

Lodgings worked out to about $70 /€77 per night and the lunch special (3 courses) was under $/€ 10/person. Woah!! The hotel (Holistic-https://holistic-solec.pl) specializes in back and neck pain (myofascial) therapy.

My wife, being a ballet school graduate, got some soothing and rehabilitating treatments and valuable advice.

Holistic boasts a staff of over 10 accredited therapists who really know their stuff.

A little side note: my wife is very finnicky and she was happy. Check it out!



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