Plums in chocolate a Polish delight

Swietokrzyskie Voivodship is a leading producer of various fruits including apples, pears and plums. 馃尠

One of the producers of plums in chocolate is called Purple Valley based in Szydlow. The recipe for “Szyd艂owianki”, or its plums in chocolate, was conceived by the husband of the president of Purple Valley, Agnieszka Wierbicka-Baxter. Gavin Baxter, is an Australian, and a well-known chef who has worked in many five-star restaurants in the past. For years, he also managed the kitchens of restaurants located on luxury cruise ships. As Agnieszka Baxter says, he saw many things in hundreds of countries, but … he fell in love with Szyd艂贸w and it’s organic plum crops. 馃尠馃嵎

Agnieszka Baxter writes about her product in this way: “Szyd艂owianka – is an unusual praline hiding the taste of historic Szyd艂贸w and a delicious plum – a symbol of local orchard craftsmanship.” Szyd艂owianka “is also a symbol of the first fruit orchards founded in Polish lands in the gardens of royal palaces or monasteries. Considering the history of Szyd艂贸w and the latest archaeological discoveries, we can assume that fruit orchards were founded here at the Royal Palace of W艂adys艂aw Jagie艂艂o, which may be amongst the oldest in Poland, and maybe even in Europe. Hence the name Plum Capital for Szyd艂贸w seems to be fully justified. “Szyd艂owianka” is also a tribute to every inhabitant of the Szyd艂贸w township, for the effort put into bringing up the next generations of Szydlovians, masters of plum arboriculture. The perfect combination of plum and chocolate has its supporters not only in Poland but all over the world. 馃尠馃崘馃崗馃嵎

It tastes great with coffee, tea or a glass of wine. By its composition of ingredients, plum and chocolate, belongs to the group of so-called “healthy sweets”, and plum itself, due to its health properties, is included in the “superfood” product group.

Agnieszka Baxter comes from Szyd艂贸w. She left for Warsaw in 1998. For years, she worked at National Geographic. She met her husband Gavin, during one of her business trips. They lived together in different parts of the world. And came to Szyd艂贸w straight from Jamaica where Gavin was on a contract. Here, together with her husband, they bought a town hall standing in the market square, from which they want to make the pearl of historic Szyd艂贸w in the coming years. They want to replentish life into this neglected building. Today, a flagship boutique store of Szyd艂owianka proudly occupies the old restored town hall. The online store also enables the placing of orders.馃嵎

Let’s remember that Szyd艂贸w township is the capital of plum growing in Poland. There are nearly 2,000 hectares of plum orchards on its territory. Favorable climate and soil conditions, as well as a high culture of orchards, means that the fruit from Szyd艂贸w enjoys recognition and high demand on the agri-food markets in central and southern Poland, as well as abroad. It is worth adding that about 20,000 tons of plums are produced annually in Szyd艂贸w township which is about 20% of Polish national production. See you in Szyd艂贸w! 馃尠馃崙馃崘馃崗馃嵎


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