State of the art Aquapark about to open

It’s absolutely huge and poised to open soon! 🌴🌞😀

Aquapark “Park of Poland” has just been completed and  pending technical approvals is expected to open soon. It is the largest covered water park in Central and Eastern Europe.

Park of Poland, is located in the town of Wręcza near Mszczonów, approximately 60 km from Warsaw.😀    It will be the largest amusement park in Poland with world-class attractions. The aquapark is to attract millions of guests from Poland as well as from other countries. The facility will be open every day and will accommodate 15,000 people daily. Park of Poland will have attractions for children, young people as well as for more mature customers. Many of the attractions will operate throughout the year.

In the aquapark, in addition to a tropical island-style swimming pool, there will also be a large health zone and a so called Galaxy center with a slide complex. In total, there will be thirty of them, and the longest of them will be 320 m long. In addition, the water park will have thermal baths and pools as well as saunas. There will be over 700 real palm trees that have been imported from Malaysia, Florida, and Costa Rica.

After the construction of the Park of Poland aquapark, the investor of Global City Holdings intends to build theme parks, bungalows, hotels, a conference and shopping center, Silicon Valey office buildings and apartment buildings.

We look forward to seeing you there!!! 🌴🌞😀


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