Remember the last Oscars and breathtaking performace of Polish singer, Kasia Laska?

Kasia Laska and her great talent. “She dubs everything possible into Polish and has been doing it for years”

All of Poland has heard about Kasia Łaska at the beginning of this year, when the media circulated news that this Polish singer would sing at the Oscars. Few people realize that she is not a novice, and in fact has been working in the entertainment industry for years. All children in Poland who watch dubbed cartoons are familiar with her voice.

Kasia Łaska – the master of dubbing

It is typical for dubbig actors that their voices are known to millions of people, but their faces remain a mystery. Kasia Łaska has been part of this group for years. As a child, she learned to sing and play the guitar, and as a teenager she played the lead role in a musical staged by the Roma Musical Theater in Poland’s capital, Warsaw. 🎤🎼

“I always felt there were sounds inside me. I just had to get them out. I didn’t know if I wanted to sing. I was a very shy child” says Kasia.

By a stroke of chance, she started dubbing. A colleague from the theater was the music director in dubbing studios and offered to record her as a replacement. A one-time engagement turned into a career of over 20 years. ❤️🎤🎼

All Polish children are brought up hearing Kasia’s voice through all the fairy tales they watch. In each situation she can change her voice to reflect the character thanks to the incedible scale of her voice. It is hard to believe that all are done by one person.
Kasia Łaska – modest and hardworking

Despite many successes and performances alongside world-class artists, Kasia Łaska remains a modest woman who simply does her job well. She never talked about it and did not show off her talent, even though she knew she was gifted.

“Why brag about. it. I don’t see the need and I can’t even imagine it, that I go somewhere and say: “Hello, I sang at the Oscars”  says the singer.

As she claims, a lot can still happen in her professional life. But today what is most important for her is not a career. Family is her highest priority.
Kasia…keep up the goodxxxx sorry, GREAT work. ❤️

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