A well earned salute to medical staff!

A new mural on Warsaw’s Tamka Street (just by the Chopin Museum) emerged from behind the scaffolding, which was being prepared for a week. The mural depicts five representatives of the medical service against the background of the map of Poland and a white and red flag. The character of the hero in the cape – Superman is staring at the doctors. Next to the symbolically painted figures of an old lady, father with children and a young person, to remind you that literally everyone may need the help of doctors.

The originator of the mural project is the naTemat portal.

“The most vulnerable are those who care about our health and life in the pandemic era. Therefore, as a thank you, we painted a unique mural in the center of Warsaw for Polish healthcare: doctors, nurses and paramedics. Why? Because real heroes do not wear capes” – we read on the originator’s website.

Behind the creation of the mural stands Good Looking Studio, which for several years has been creating large-format advertising in the capital. As we find out on the originator’s website, the studio designers gave up part of their salary, and the “Tamka 37” Housing Community made the wall available for free.


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