Human ingenuity crowdfunded

The creators of the Halloy Nano mask have already collected nearly about $ 20,000 equivalent. And this means that the vision of introducing them to production took on real form.

Polish scientists have developed protective masks that deactivate viruses, fungi and stop pollution. The masks can be used many times and washed once a week – assured the creator Norbert Duczmal.

To this end, scientists used nano technology, applied in medicine, among others for the production of medicines. By mixing together particles of nanosilver, zinc and titanium oxides, they created a coating that kills viruses, bacteria, mold, and also retains dust.

The masks already have a certificate

The Polish startup has already commissioned laboratory tests. The effect of the experiments confirmed their assumptions and ended with the issuing of a certificate by InPhoCat

This document confirms the presence of the phenomenon of photocatalysis on the surface of the HalloyNano coating, which by its nature leads to the destruction of protein structures from which viruses and bacteria are made. This happens under the influence of UV rays, the source of which is natural light and light

The researchers also explain that the laboratory tests carried out confirmed the microbiological purity of the HalloyNano coating. And this “allows us to make conclusions about the effective use of our coating’s nano formula for protection against bacteria and viruses.”

Keep up the Good Work!

(source: bizblog)


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