The 11-year-old from Africa has never stood on his own feet. Thanks to Polish doctors, he has a chance to do so.

Lavie Kwizera is 11 years old but has never walked before. The boy was born with fragile bones and therefore suffered from about 50 fractures. In October, he flew to Poland with his mother. Prominent orthopedists performed a complicated operation that gave him a new beginning. Now money is gathered for rehabilitation.

The story of Lavi Kwizera

Lavie, 11, comes from Rwanda, a country in Central Eastern Africa. The family drama began shortly after the boy was born. His life is marked by unimaginable suffering.

– I’ll never forget that night. Lavie was three months old, he was crying all the time. Even the very strong drugs he was given did not help. When we got to the hospital it turned out that his bone was broken. We were shocked. I don’t even know how it happened, said the boy’s mom, Jeanne Nsabiyera.

The 11-year-old has already lost track of the number of times his bones have been broken. – It is very painful every time. I remember a situation when my brother, while lying on the bed with me, gently rolled over on me. It was enough to break the bone in my leg, confessed Lavie Kwizera

Lavie was born with a genetic defect – brittle bones. The disease is caused by disfunction in the structure of the skeletal system.

– The body produces abnormal collagen. Bone tissue is abnormal. It is brittle and easily breakable. It can bend in growing children. X-rays show how much bones are bent – noted Dr. Szymon Pietrzak, an orthopedist.

The 11-year-old uses his hands and one leg to move around every day. He is very fond of reading and studying, but due to his illness he cannot attend school regularly. He is only there twice a week.

– He constantly asks when he will be able to go to school, and it is not that easy because we live in a mountainous area. I have to travel a few kilometers, climbing with him on my back. Often I do not have the strength anymore, I am tired, but his requests and pleading motivate me to make him happy – emphasized mom.

A Polish foundation that trains doctors in Africa became interested in the boy’s fate. A plan was developed to protect his bones, thanks to which Lavie could fly to our country and undergo surgery in a hospital in Otwock. In Rwanda, an 11-year-old would not have received such help.

Dr. Bartłomiej Osadnik played a large part in bringing the boy to us. For years, the doctor has been helping in Rwanda, providing medical equipment there, training medics, and operating on patients who he can help on the spot. In addition, it qualifies the most severe cases for surgery in Poland. We met the specialist in 2020, when 11-year-old Seraphine came to our country, whose doctors saved her leg. Lavie flew in for the operation in October.

– The boy would probably never walk again, unfortunately. He would probably move on his arms and legs for the rest of his life. Internal organs would probably also be dysfunctional – admitted Dr. Bartłomiej Osadnik, orthopedist, Afriquia Foundation.

Seraphine walks thanks to Polish doctors. “When I woke up I felt pain, but I was also very happy”Polish doctors saved an 11-year-old girl from Rwanda. “For her, it’s a life-saving procedure”

Lavie has undergone major surgery

The Foundation managed to raise money to bring the 11-year-old to Poland for surgery. – I am not afraid, it will be the most important day of my life. Doctors will save my legs so that there will be no more fractures – said the 11-year-old in October.

Specialists cut the boy’s tibia and femur in several places. Thanks to this, it was possible to straighten them properly, and then to protect them against further fractures by introducing special telescopic rods inside the bones, which will grow together with the boy.

Lavie is still in Poland. – We will try to start his rehabilitation here. We want to continue it here, we want to teach him to walk slowly – emphasized Dr. Osadnik.

The boy’s mother’s dream is for him to take his first step. Then she would take his hand and they would go for a walk. Now everything is in our hands – the collection of money for Lavi’s rehabilitation is in progress.

Lavie Kwizera and Dr. Bartłomiej Osadnik, president of the Afriquia foundation, appeared in the Dzień Dobry TVN studio. The specialist told about the details of the boy’s treatment.

source: Dzien Dobry TVN  What a brave and charismatic boy….Amazing!


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