A great success of Polish women at the European Kitesurfing Championships: Julia Damasiewicz gold, Magda Woyciechowska bronze.

On Sunday, August 23 of this year The European Kitesurfing Championships was concluded in Puck ended up with a huge success for Polish women. Julia Damasiewicz (15) became the European Champion and Polish Champion in Formula Kite. Magda Woyciechowska (16) won a bronze medal in the European Championships and a silver medal in the Polish Championships.

Following six days of fierce rivalry, the Ford Kuga Individual European Championships ended. The Polish Formula Kite Championship was held at the same time. The competitors raced on hydrofoils. The atheletes at the Paris Olynpics in 2024 will sail on these kinds of boards. The advantage of the hydrofoil is that you can sail on it even in very light wind, which significantly increases the chance of the ability to hold the competition.

The weather was good. Most days the wind strength was several knots.

In the European Championships on the podium in the men’s classification were: French Axel Mazella (1st place), Maxime Nocher (2nd place) and British Connor Bainbridge (3rd place). In the women’s classification: Julia Damasiewicz (1st place), British Ellie Aldridge (2nd place) and Magda Woyciechowska (3rd place).

The European Kitesurfing Championships would not be complete without many years of work and commitment of the Polish Kiteboarding Association.

– Although the Polish Kiteboarding Association is a relatively young organization, it is developing very dynamically thanks to the commitment of its members. After less than seven years of operation, we organized the largest kitesurfing event in the world in 2020, which is the individual European Formula Kite Championship – said Igor Czernik, president of the Polish Kiteboarding Association. – It should also be added that the Polish Ford Kite Cup is the longest continuous cycle of kitesurfing competitions in the world, previously organized under the PSKite association, now part of our association. The enormous amount of work we put into educating instructors, supporting schools and organizing competitions in Poland has brought the expected results. We are optimistic about the start of our players in the Olympic Games in 2024 in Paris – he added.

– Together with Maciek Boszko, we have been organizing competitions in the Polish Cup and Polish Championships for 15 years. The culmination of these 15 years of work was the organization of the European Championship in Puck. I couldn’t imagine a better project for the 20th anniversary of the agency I run, Eureka Events & Communication – says Michał Zieliński, competition organizer, member of the Polish Kiteboarding Association.

Below we feature the profiles of our medal winners.

                          Julia Damasiewicz

                      Magda Woyciechowska

Julia Damasiewicz (15) started her adventure with water sports at the age of 4 with windsurfing. At the age of 11, she took her first steps in kitesurfing. She has been sailing on hydrofoils for 2 years. She trains intensively about 150 days a year. 🏆🥇🌞😃

A year ago, due to her professional kitesurfing, she moved with the whole family to Sopot, where she started high school. From September, she will be going to 11th grade High School. In the European Kitesurfing Championships that ended recently, she won the following titles: European Champion and Polish Champion in Formula Kite in the open category.


– The emotions after the competition are still felt. I am going to prepare for the Olympics. I hope I will be able to qualify – says Julia Damasiewicz.

Magda Woyciechowska (16) started kitesurfing three years ago. She has been racing hydrofoils for two years. Earlier, from the age of three, she practiced skiing and swimming. She lives in Gdynia, where she attends one of the best high schools in Poland. 🥉🌞😃

– For the first four days of the competition, I held second place and went directly to the finals. Ultimately, I finished the championship in third place. The competition was very intense. Each race was exciting and you never really knew who would win, because the best girls sail at similar levels. After the competition, I went surfing, because there are waves in the Baltic Sea. I want to calm down my mind a bit after such a fierce competition – says Magda Woyciechowska.

The full results of the European Kitesurfing Championship can be found at https://formulakite.org/.

The titular sponsor of the competition was Ford Polska. Material prizes were funded by the Hydrosfera shop, distributor of brands such as North Kiteboarding and Mystic. He provided the players and fans of Red Bull with a sufficient portion of positive energy.

We are proud of the girls and we wich them continued success!!

(Source: Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland’s premier daily)


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