According to documents from the first church in Bielsko-Białej Poland Joe Biden has a Polish ancenstor, Przemysław Noszak, a member of the Cieszyn nobility

The Olszówka Association claims that Joe Biden comes from the Cieszyn Piasts and to prove it even publishes a family tree. 🇵🇱🇱🇷❤️

This information may surprise the President of the United States himself. It turned out that Joe Biden has Polish roots. How did this discovery come about? To which of the princes is the US head of state related?

Joe Biden has Polish roots

On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. Although the politician was born in Pennsylvania, we will find his roots in Poland. Historians have studied the documents and traced the family tree of Joe Biden. And so they discovered that his very distant ancestor was Przemysław I Noszak, the Cieszyn prince, who lived in the years of 1332-1410.

– There are about 18 generations between the Prince of Cieszyn, Przemysław Noszak and Joe Biden, explains Jakub Krajewski, a historian.

– For us it was an extraordinary discovery, because this branch of the Noszak family was completely unknown. Małgorzata, who was the prince’s daughter, married Szymon and this gave rise to the story of an Anglo-Saxon family from which Joe Biden is decented – added Jacek Zachara from the “Olszówka” Association.

Joe Biden- the ancestor of Przemysław Noszak

This news led us to Bielsko-Biała, where we find the church of St. Stanislaus. One of the founders of this temple was the aforementioned Cieszyn prince.

When the parish vicar, Fr. Maciej Godzieszka heard this information he first thought it was fake news.

– I did not realize that there is a picture of Prince Przemysław Noszak above my head (painted on the dome ceiling) during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. The more it surprised me that the story is related to Joe Biden, he said.

At the end, the historian Jakub Krajewski emphasized that Przemysław Noszak was “a great diplomat who was successful at European courts, for example in England or France.”

– He was a very well-known, effective and influential politician at that time. I wish such accomplishment for the new president of the United States – he declared.- 🇵🇱🇱🇷❤️👋

The lineage goes like this:

Przemysław and Noszak
Simon de Felbrigg and Małgorzata Cieszyn
Helena and William Tyndal
Thomas Tyndal and Margaret Yelverton
William Tyndal and Mary Mondeford
John Tyndal (Tyndall) and Amphillis Conongsby
Margaret Tyndale and Rowland Taylor
Thomas Taylor and Elizabeth Burwell
Thomas Taylor jr and Margaret Swinderby
William Taylor and Alice Wood
William Clarke Taylor and Margartett Finsham
Mary Taylor and Samuel Robinette
Nathan Robinette and Elizabeth
Geroge Robinette and Sarah Dazier
Jesse Robinette and Dorcas Johnson
Moses Johnson Robinette and Jane Eliza Pumphrey
George H. Robinette and Mary A. Hanafare
Mary Elizabeth Robinette and Joseph H. Biden (1893 – 1941)
Joseph Robinette Biden (1915-2002) and Catherine Eugenia Finnegan (1917-2010)
Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden (born 1942)

(source: Bielso-Biała Super Nowa publication; Dzien Dobry TVN)

We’re proud of you Joe Biden!! ❤️…..and btw well done Przemysław!


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