The pandemic in the eyes of medics. “The Masked” is a book written from the prespective of people from the front lines.

We consider them to be heroes fighting on the front lines, who risk their health and lives to save others. They, in turn, claim that they are only doing their job, and all they want is to have the right conditions. Three medics decided to write a book in which they presented the first months of the pandemic from their own perspective. “The Mased”

Mateusz Sieradzan is a nurse at one of the emergency departments in Warsaw. He describes his everyday life on the profile called “Mr. Nurse”, which is followed by over 50 thousand people on Facebook. 


Together with two other health care workers who keep accounts in social media under the names: “Sister Bożenna” and “It’s not from my ambulance”, he wrote the book “The Masked”.

Medics don’t feel like superheroes

On DDTVN Mateusz Sieradzan explained why he does not feel like a superhero.

– The whole idea for this book was that we are medics, nurses, paramedics and this is the job we do every day. We don’t consider ourselves superheroes. In these troubled times, our goal is not to fly with a cape over cities and do the impossible, weird things. We just want to work normally – explained “Mr. Nurse”.

However, this does not change the fact that, since the outbreak of the pandemic, medics had to face many difficulties in order to be able to perform their duties.

– In college, no one taught us how to work in a pandemic, because it would never happen. It was all new to us, learning live in reality and it continues to this day. Although we are more experienced with the passage of each month – he emphasized.

“Masked” – what is the book about?

In early December, the book “Masked” was published, which is a diary of the work of medics in the era of coronavirus. ❤️🇵🇱🩺

– We wanted to show our work as it is – without any pathos. A description from our side. If something can’t be taken too seriously or it’s too heavy, let’s just laugh it off. It is known that it has to be done with delicacy, because it is about human suffering. We see it every day at work, so we are more familiar than our readers, but when someone sees our fanpage on social media, they will notice that this medical folklore turns us on a lot – he explained.

So reading “The Masked” “you will have a little laugh and a little surprise”.

At the end, Mateusz quoted a conversation with a patient to familiarize the potential reader with the story.

– The patient is lying down. He is not able to move at all because he is suffocating. He has a large flow of oxygen connected to his nose and says: “You know, I have a name’s day tomorrow and I don’t think I will drink vodka here” – he said.

(source: DDTVN program)

Thank you for your work and commitment!! ❤️


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