Ice swimming has really been catching on this winter in Poland

“Morsowanie” (literally translated meaning “walrus…ing” – the national sport of Poles? “People began to pay attention to how to increase their immunity”

Ice water baths have become extremely popular. Why has this activity gained such a crowd of fans and will ice swimming become the national sport of Poles? On Dzień Dobry TVN they talked about it with Igor Rotberg, a psychologist, and Maciej Dąbrowski, an internet creator.

Why do Poles love ice swimming?

Over the past year, the Google search engine has increased by 250 percent the frequency of asking questions such as – how to start ice swimming? Why the great interest in cold water swimming?

The pandemic certainly contributed to this. On television or in advertisements, we constantly hear about strengthening our immunity and hardening our health, and ice swimming fits perfectly into this trend. Although it was not born now, it has been going on for many years – said Igor Rotberg, a psychologist.

The huge popularity of cold water bathing can be seen above all in social media. For some time they have been inundated with photos of people in cold sea water and, interestingly, the bug has been caught by both ordinary people and those we can see on the front pages of newspapers. Will it stay with us for longer?

Ice swimming is just a fad?

It is worth noting that ice swimming is not the first quirk of Poles. Previously, running and crossfit were equally popular.

Will it be different with cold water baths and will they stay with us longer? 🤽‍♂

Is it a predursor for changes in our approach to health? According to Maciej Dąbrowski. Health is the last thing about which some ice swimmers think.

– If people notice that one of their friends is doing it – they will do it also, just to be able to show off something and upload a photo to Instargram – he said.

For this reason, the ice swimmer has also become the object of unrefined jokes and memes.

– Each trend that appears on the Internet must be rolled over until the viewer finally gets nauseated – added Maciej Dąbrowski.

So, will ice swimming be a hit of one season?

In the opinion of Igor Rotberg, it all depends on how we approach it and what motivates us to navigate.

– I know people who have been doing it for a long time. They do not do it to upload a photo just because they like it and it is in line with what is important to them in life. Perhaps some people will catch the bug, and the part that is just to be able to boast about it, simply will not stand – said the specialist.

“Walrusing”, which is what?

Ice swimming is a kind of body hardening that involves bathing in cold water. Regularly immersing the body in ice-cold water for a few minutes strengthens immunity, improves circulation, and also relieves pain.

Research shows that sea water mobilizes the body to fight infection, improves physical fitness and the efficiency of the cardiovascular system. The skin becomes better supplied with blood, more elastic and taut. After a winter bath in the fresh air, the brain is oxygenated. Well-being is also significantly improved.

(source” Dzien Dobry TVN)program)


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