Similar to many north European countries Poland loves herring dishes

Many Poles believe that herring is an exclusively Baltic fish. What’s more, it’s a Polish fish and Polish dish, and their national symbol. The Danes clain that herring is an indisputable symbol of Denmark, and there are more ways to marinate herring than days a year. When you ask a Dutchman what the symbol of his country is, he will not answer that it’s tulips. He’ll say it’s herring. And he will add that Amsterdam was made on herring bones, which is a popular Dutch saying that emphasizes the historical role of this fish in enriching the country. The Swedes consider herring a Swedish delicacy, especially in the form of smelly pickled herring, i.e. Surströmming, the Norwegian as Norwegian, the Finns as typically Finnish, and Germany as German. The French in this competition will mention that they once even prayed for herring, the Russians believe that only they love herring so much in the company of vodka, and  Jews are convinced that without them there would be no herring in any European national cuisine and that there is no other fish as ” Jewish ” as herring. 🐟⚓

But is it still worth reaching for herring today? Should herring, in the times of ecological crisis and overfishing of seas and oceans, still appear on the Christmas table? And if so, in oil or maybe in chocolate? 🐟

What are the herring species? How long do they live and how do they communicate? Where can you find a herring monument? What is the folk tradition of “hanging herring” in an act of revenge? Where does the herring motif appear in literature? You can find answers to these pressing questions thanks to a new book written by Marta Sawicka-Danielak and her husband Filip Danielak. They are owners of Ambasada Śledzia, or Herring Embassy, a Krakow venue specializing in herring dishes. Their book’s title is the same as their restaurant’s name. It may be worth learning Polish just to read this book 😉

In thier publication, these and other questions will be answered by people who know almost everything about herring. Also, about vegetales and plants. Marta and Filip, whose book is fresh off the press, takes readers on a fascinating journey about this unusual fish present in the human diet for several thousand years. 🐟🍸⚓

When in Poland don’t miss endulging in some wonderful Polish herring dishes!!


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