For a variety of reasons Poland has evolved as a popular destination for so called medical tourism. ✈

One of the factors that has influenced this trend is the fact that medical staff in Poland are highly trained professionals using state of the art equipment. Since Poland has emerged from communism into a dynamic economy actually now works to its benefit as technologically the country’s infrastrucure is at the highest international standards. 🍎

Of course, Poland’s popularity as a desination for medical treatments is also attributed to the favorable costs in comparison to most other developed countries. In fact, some surgical procedures may be a fraction of what they would cost in the U.S., for example. In comparison to other European countries or Middle Eastern ones the differences are significant, as well.🍀

According to the Central Statistics Office last year over 170,000 patients visited Poland for medical treatments enticed by the very good value that is offered here. Nearly half of the “medical holiday” visitors came for dental treatments, usually implants, about 50,000 came for health enhancement/wellness at health resorts, over 20,000 for aesthetic treatments and over 10,000 for advanced surgical procedures. 🔢

Medical Clinics:

Aesthetic Med

The Aesthetic Med clinic conducts all kinds of operations in the area of plastic and reconstructive surgery.    Dr Andrzej Dmytrzak has educated numerous plastic surgeons. Dr Andrzej Dmytrzak and Dr Rami Alshekh expand their professional knowledge a few times a year, participating in congresses, courses, symposia organised for plastic surgeons.-

Carolina Medical Center

Carolina Medical Center today is one of the largest and most modern private orthopedics and sports medicine clinics, recognized in Europe and the world. For 20 years we have become a forerunner in the use of innovative techniques and medical procedures. As the first in Poland to construct a meniscus transplants, limb lengthening, correction, axis limbs in children implanted prostheses made “to measure” and many, many others. Already in 1998, in our clinic we conducted the first arthroscopic operations. We have developed a unique method of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in growing children. Carolina Medical Center was the first in the country introduced the orthopedic therapies using autogenous stem cells derived from adipose tissue. Since its inception in 1998, the clinic we make every effort to ensure that the services we provide medical meet the highest standards , and the patient returned to health in an atmosphere of trust and security.As a result, we have gained a reputation for leading center, dealing with the treatment of ailments and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Carolina Medical Center is today one of the largest and most modern private hospitals in orthopedics and sports medicine, recognized in Europe and the world.

Dr. Szczyt Clinic

.Our offer includes plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, phlebology, aesthetic gynecology and hair transplant procedures. You will be able to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. Full discretion and top professionalism guaranteed.

Klinika Ambroziak

Ambroziak Clinic offers a complete range of supplementary treatments and procedures from the areas of aesthetic and clinical dermatology, plastic and vascular surgery, aesthetic gynaecology, laryngology, physiotherapy and cosmetology.


Medifem was the first plastic and reconstructive gynecology clinic in Poland. For over 10 years we have been offering women plastic and reconstructive gynecology surgeries as well as aesthetic gynecology treatment and care including a range of treatments not only in the field of plastic and reconstructive gynecology, but also plastic surgery and body shaping. Our surgeons have been successfully performing liposuction, abdominosplasty and breast augmentation with implants and fat as well as breast augmentation and reduction for years. Our patients can always count on our professional care during and after surgery, comfortable conditions in accordance with international standards, pleasant stays and most of all great results and discretion. In our practice we use the newest devices, modern operation rooms and follow the highest standards of post-op rooms.


First and foremost we care for the safety of our patients. Our treatment offer includes over one hundred tried and trsted procedures that meet the highest standard of medical technology. Our clinics are friendly centers of  aesthetic medicine and cosmetology ensuring comfort, discretion and the highest standards of treatment care.

Vidium Medica

As an ophthalmological center, Vidium Medica, formerly Voigt Medica, operate since 2011. Many years of history and experience of the Voigt family, renowned opticians and optometrists, combined with the knowledge and practice of leading polish ophthalmologists , made it possible to create a center that stands out on the map of Kraków.We have developed modern procedures in the laser correction of vision defects and in the treatments of most diseases of the anterior segment of the eye, including treatment of cataracts.We quickly gained recognition among Patients from Poland and abroad. We have become one of the most-visited private eye centers in the country.