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As every year, the time has come for the premiere of the yellow guide Gault et Millau’s Polish edition. The 2020 edition contains even more restaurants and places that are worth visiting. The guide’s premiere gala was accompanied by awards for the best chefs. Who became the Chef of the Year 2020?

The culinary world waited with bated breath who would win awards this time. After all, it’s not only prestige, but also the opportunity to get culinary internships in the best restaurants. 🍽🍅

This year, the title of Traditional Chef was won by Rafał Kowalczyk of the Stary Dom Restaurant in Warsaw. In his kitchen he combines traditional flavors, inspired by old recipes from old cookbooks, with modern techniques. He focuses on seasonality and locality. 🍽🍷

The Young Talent category always raises a lot of emotions. The person who wins this award is the chef who is sure to be followed, because soon she can be a true contender in the gastronomic world. The Young Talent award for 2020 went to Rafał Grzegorzek, who first gained culinary skills in the Master Chef program, and later in the Décompresja restaurant at the Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotel in Polanica-Zdrój.

The title of Female Chef was awarded to Flavia Borawska. Flavia took over the kitchen in Warsaw’s Opasły Tom and lead its recent revival. In her dishes she combines Polish and Italian cuisine, showing that even completely unusual combinations can be delicious. 🍅

Łukasz Budzik from Mennicza Fusion in Wrocław was awarded in the Chef of Tomorrow category. He had the opportunity to do internships in the best restaurants in various places around the world, including in Paris. He is currently cooking wonderful, sophisticated dishes in the style of fine dining.

Finally, Dariusz Barański from the Restauracja Warszawska became the Chef of the Year 2020. Fascinated by Polish cuisine, he serves it in a completely new and surprising version. Warszawska has become a place loved and often visited by foodies not only from Poland. 🍽🍷🍅


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