In the town of Hel on the peninsula by the same name is a fish shop and eatery called To-Tu that is definitely worth a visit.

A Seafood Eatery that's "Worth It"

You’ll find tastey and fresh seafood at our favorite eatery in Hel town,  named To-Tu. It’s actually a cross between a fish shop and a dining room.. The interior decor is interesting with fish nets and ropes which are reminders of the town’s seafaring history. The place is off the main pedestrian street, but with the help of Google Maps you shouldn’t have any trouble finding this gem. The serving staff  consists of a number of youthful  gentlemen that are very friendly and professional in the way they attend to clients.  Good quality at an affordable price. 👌🐟

Enjoy this place….It is authentic. Note that it closes relatively early at 8 p.m. and serves on plastic tableware.


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