This Young Film Director was Born in Poland

A Polish director with great challenges. Filip Jan Rymsza is successful abroad

Filip Jan Rymsza is a filmmaker and writer born in Poland. Although initially he was supposed to be a doctor and then an economist, he is currently working in the film world. He told about his successes on Dzień Dobry TVN.

Filip Jan Rymsza and his film passion

When he was a little boy, he loved to sit under the table. After moving the furniture away, it turned out that he was painting the wall with felt-tip pens, so his parents assumed that he might have something to do with art in the future. Then his relatives left for the United States, but Filip had to wait 3.5 years to join them because martial law broke out. Once he did, he was initially supposed to be a doctor. Then he decided that biology and chemistry did not interest him. 👏🎬

– Philosophy fascinated me. I was very good at math. When I submitted my papers to the University of Chicago, where the economy is truly world-class, it seemed to me that it would always be “something” – recalled Filip Jan Rymsza in Dzień Dobry TVN.

In his third year, however, he decided to work in film. He has a passion for this after his father, who once submitted papers to the Łódź Film School, but he didn’t get it twice. Nevertheless, he shaped Filip’s artistic sensitivity and infected him with his interests. 🇵🇱😀

The successes of Filip Jan Rymsza

Filip Jan Rymsza is best known for successfully completing Orson Welles’ last important film with his colleague Frank Marshall. “The Other Side of the Wind”. Filmed in 1970, it was not fully edited. The production completed by Rymsza finally made its debut at the 75th Venice Film Festival in August 2018. 🎬🇵🇱

– 7 years of fighting for rights and 2 years of completion. It was 100 hours of material. Some things cut out because it was like he was cutting the negative. He did it very sparingly, like an independent filmmaker. He only made positives from the pieces he knew he would use and it was a huge mess – the director confessed in our program.

This had its weight and price in the American film community. He came into existence very much then. He then made his directorial debut in the feature film “Mosquito State” in 2020. This picture premiered at the 77th Venice Film Festival, where it received the Bisaro d’Oro Award for Best Cinematography.

source: Dzien Dobry TVN program


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