Born in Paris and raised in Australia, Elizabth Debicki talks about her Polish roots

The art of acting is enriched by talented Polish-Australian

Elizabeth Debicki is known for such films as “The Code Name U.N.C.L.E.”, “The Great Gatsby”, as well as Christopher Nolan’s last film, “Tenet”. Anna Wendzikowska conducted an exclusive interview with the Australian actress. What of Polish does Debicki see in herself?


Elizabeth Debicki and her Polish roots

Elizabeth’s parents met in Paris. Her father is Polish, as indicated by the actress’s name. Unfortunately, Debicki does not speak her father’s native language. 😐

“I grew up in Australia, I speak French with my dad, and when we were visiting my family in Poland, all my cousins spoke English and they always acted as translators when I talked to my uncles and aunts”. – she asserted in her interview with TVN’s journalist Anna Wedzikowksa. 🎭🚦

Debicki also confessed that she felt the Polish spirit within her. “The Polish women from her family are very strong, they can build communities and create a real home. They are also very creative.

“When you think about Polish films and Polish filmmakers, you can see a great talent for storytelling. Sometimes I think that the Polish part of me attracted me to acting.” the star said. 🎬

In “Tenet”, Debicki plays a character who is guided in her life by two great forces – love for her son and a desire for freedom. And what is freedom for an actress?

“My idea of what freedom is changes as I change as a person. But now we have a special time, this 2020 has redefined what freedom means to us. I feel that now it would be free to meet those I really want to see, go to the places I would like to go to, move around the world with the  ease of the past.” Elizabeth admitted.

“It turned out to be a great luxury, spending time wherever you want and with  people whom you want to spent it with.”  summed up the actress.


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