Now that there is one curling facility in Poland local curlers are making their mark.

The only curling track in Poland is located in Łódź. This is where the best players in the country train – Aneta Lipińska and Konrad Stych.

The only curling track in Poland is located at the ice rink complex in Łódź. As it turns out, surprisingly Poles are amongst the best in the world in this sports discipline. In the recent World Tour competition, Aneta Lipińska and Konrad Stych won in a mixed pairs. She comes from Warsaw, he – from Silesia, but they meet for training in Łódź.🇵🇱

– This is the only hall dedicated to curling in Poland, we are here regularly to train in this beautiful facility – says Konrad.

According to Aneta, this is just the beginning of their triumphs. 😀👏🇵🇱

– This hall was built recently and helps us develop a lot –  she emphasizes.

What is curling

Most people associate curling with brushing an ice rink, alhough it is an Olympic team sport. 👏🇵🇱

– We throw a granite stone. A match consists of eight games, the team with the most points wins. The team that has the stone closest to the center at the end of the game scores points – explains Konrad Stych.

We wish all Polish curlers the best of luck and continued successes.

Maybe we will see another success story like with Poland’s ski jumpers!!! 😀👏❤️🇵🇱


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