Poland is abound with cranberries. It’s a great place to endulge in super healthy natural foods. They are all over the place and easily accessible.

A small fruit with huge healing effects

The health attributes of carnberries are abundant. Similarly these wonderful and healthful berries are very popular in Poland and are widely harvested here. Beside the American variety there are the Polish variety which are a bit more bitter. However, they are a source of exceptional nutrients that can turbo charge you health. Cranberries are particularly known as having benefits for one’s urinary tract. However, did you know that they also possess benefits, for people with ulcers, heart problems and aging and monopause issues ? Well, think cranberry. Think Poland. 💓

Cranberry ideas: one of the tastiest uses of cranberries is as an accompaniment with meats. I particularly like it with roast pork, but it’s fanttastic with duck as well.


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