In case you're wondering whether to do some coronavirus motivated hair maintenance....

Wuhan nurses, where the COVID-19 epidemic began, shaved their heads so as not to spread the viruses. It was a huge sacrifice on their part, but as it turns out – unnecessary.

Unfortunately, in some hair salons in Poland, clients are also suggested to cut hair and shave beards preventively.

Can women’s long hair and facial hair attract viruses?

In a study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, researchers looked at the viability of coronaviruses on various surfaces. Porous surfaces – such as money fabric and just hair – do not allow germs to last long. Viruses usually stop at that point and are not able to move further to the mouth, nose or eye. That is why scientists believe that there is no point in cutting hair as part of prevention, but only washing them more often, especially if we sneeze or stay in places where someone could sneeze or cough on us. This is definitely enough.

(source: Gazeta Wyborcza: Poland’s premier daily)


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