Prof. Zbigniew Nawrat has been leading an effort to apply robotics to heart surgery operations

Professor Zbigniew Nawrat is a physicist who devoted his entire life to medicine. He is the originator and designer of the first heart surgery robot in Europe. He’s also collaborated with prof. Zbigniew Religa, the outstanding cardiac surgeon. He is also the founder of the Robin Heart brand of Polish surgical robots.

Zbigniew Nawrat is a visionary in the field of medicine

In the reportage prepared for Good Morning TVN, professor Nawrat took viewers to the Medical Robotics Laboratory, where new surgical devices are being developed, enabling remote operations.

“All of Poland supported us back then. I was supposed to focus on testing and design matters.” reminices prof. Nawrat.I pointed out to prof. Religa that, ‘Professor, the operating room is not the place I have ever been and I am not fit for it’. Professor Religa heard this and in a week there was a call: “you have to come and that’s it.”
– said prof. Nawrat.

Then came the success with an artificial heart, after which the professor began working on the construction of medical robots. Today the Robin Heart robot brand is known all over the world. What is the advantage of surgical robots over classic surgery?

From the surgeon’s side – “we have a comfortable situation, we sit comfortably, we see the enlarged image, we control the shifters. From the patient’s side – we have small holes in the patient’s body and very efficient tools that can perform specific treatments inside of it
– Zbigniew Nawrat said.

How does he recall cooperation with Zbigniew Religa?

Professor Zawrat spoke about his relationship with the renowned surgeon in the television interview on TVN. “Religa was a master in medicine for himself and also a teacher of communication with other people. He was a man who made others realize that in life we ​​really do great things out of curiosity, and that these things are really important – out of the need to help other people.”

Also thanks to the influence of the cardiac surgeon, the physicist passionately explored knowledge about science.

“As a theoretician physicist, I believed that space could be overwhelmed, but it was man that proved to be a greater challenge. I’ve always wanted to do something that makes sense in both absolute and personal, specific categories. The professor gave me a chance, trust, showed me that the patient is the most important and that we can help him.”
– Zbigniew Nawrat said.




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