The kids will love a visit to this village with some fairy tale characteristics

Zalpie is a quaint little village in southern Poland that is worth spending some time at. Particularly, children will love the painted houses that look like they are straight from a childrens’ storybook. 🌹🌻

Zalipie village has long been famous for its painted huts. The custom of decorating rural rooms with floral paintings dates back to the end of the 19th century, when villagers began to decorate the interiors of their cottages with flowers made of tissue paper, cutouts and straw spiders hanging from the ceiling and flowers painted on the walls. 🌻

Maja and I did a day trip from Solec-Zdrój  to see for ourselves what Zalipie was like.

Zalipie deserves a visit of a couple of hours if your’re interested in emersing yourself into its history and array of attractions. For us it was a short stopover before moving on to Tarnów.🌹🌻


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