Kamil Fieniuk enriches Poland’s contribution to world reknown Cirque du Soleil

Polish acrobat Kamil Fieniuk loves his career with Cirque du Soleil

As a young teenager Kamil Fieniuk became the world champion in sports acrobatics. Today, Kamil performs in the most famous circus in the world – Cirque du Soleil. 

Kamil always wanted to get into a top circus. He knew that scouts came to the championships he participated in, and of course as a champion he got noticed.

After one of the competitions, he sent his demo to Cirque de Soleil, the most famous circus in the world. Later, the demo that Kamil sent was considered a model of how these films should be prepared.

Work in Cirque de Soleil

Kamil Fieniuk has been appearing in the “Joya” show for several years. Up until now, he’s been playing both the lemur, who is one of the five helpers of the main character, and the main character, Zelig himself.

Performances in the circus also require that the performers are able to do make-up. At first, the most difficult make-ups took him up to three hours. Today, Kamil has sharpened his skill and can prepare the lemur make-up in  only fifteen minutes.

An apartment in paradise

Kamil lives in Mexico, in a jungle resort with the group he performs with.
“It’s very cool, I appreciate it and I haven’t seen snow for 6 years”, jokes the acrobat.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the performances are not taking place in early 2020. And Kamil admits that he can’t wait to come back to the stage. He misses the direct contact with the audience, the viewers’ smile, and even the stress of starting the show.

We’re looking forward to seeing Kamil in the circuc ring soon!


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