A group of friends came up with a novel idea….build an igloo that looks like a cat

Cat lovers built a kitloo. “Creating the dome was a real challenge”

An igloo was created in one of Wrocław’s courtyards. There would be nothing extraordinary about it, if not for the fact that it resembles a cat. – Cat’s Day commits one – informed the construction participant. How was kitloo made?

World Cat Day

On February 17 we celebrate the World Cat Day. The international holiday was established over 30 years ago in Italy, but it has been very well received in the Polish backyard, and especially in Wrocław. A group of friends – including cat lovers – decided to build a cat igloo. 🐱🌞❤

– There is a negative temperature, a lot of snow, so we could finally implement our idea – explained Andrzej Strzała, participant in the construction of the kitloo.

Construction of a Kitloo

The construction of the igloo took 4 days. The participants admitted that creating the dome was a real challenge. 🐱

– Take plastic containers. Sprinkle snow there. Then pour water and we have a ready block. About 50 such blocks are needed. We put them on top of each other and this is how a cat igloo is created, which is our kitloo – Andrzej explained.

In addition, to make the building resemble a cat, they made teeth, ears and drew a mustache.🐱❤

– Probably every child, but also every adult would like to build an igloo one day. As soon as snow falls, it stimulates the imagination – concluded Jakub, a participant in the construction of the kitloo.

(sources: Dzien Dobry TVN and Gazeta Wrocławska)


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