She’s a famous Swedish actress, but her roots are Polish

Carla Sehn – Swedish actress with Polish roots. What productions did she star in?

She is a graduate of the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Stockholm. Film, theater and television actress well known to fans thanks to the series “Love and Anarchy”. Meet Carle Sehn, a rising star of Swedish cinema. 👍❤️🎬

Carla Sehn – an actress with Polish-Swedish roots

Sheis is a rising star in Swedish cinema. This 26-year-old girl admitted that two years ago, right after graduating from the Theater Academy, she worked hard to find herself in the place where she is now. Today you can see the first fruits of her effort. We can see the star, among others in the series “Love andAnarchy”, as well as in the production of “Sjukt”, where she played the main role. It is surprising, however, that this Swedish woman speaks Polish fluently. And for good reason.

– My parents came to Sweden in the 1980s. They ended up here because my dad was a spokesman for the NZS. It was about politics, he was afraid to return to Poland, lest they would take him into the army or even in prison. They stayed here because they loved Sweden. There was more freedom then, Carla began.

Carla admitted that although she was born in Sweden, her parents cultivated Polish traditions from an early age and taught both her and her sister Polish. 👍

I spent much time over the years in Krakow with my family and cousins. I also have grandparents there. When we talk about family, it is always in Polish. Christmas Eve and Easter are also Polish

Carla Sehn – Swedish or Polish?

Carla admitted that for many years she has been trying to answer the question of whether she is Polish or Swedish. Despite Polish roots, the star admits that Sweden is the country where she was born, and the Swedish language is the one she speaks most fluently. Nevertheless, the actress has a great fondness for Poland. As she admitted, she is already looking forward to visiting her grandmother, whom she had not seen for a very long time because of the pandemic.

– I am Swedish, I was born here, it is my first language. I can read and speak Swedish best. It is important for my family though that we remember that we are from Poland. I have a very strong feeling for the fact of being Polish – she summed up. 👍❤️🎬

(source: Dzien Dobry TVN program)

Blaze ahead Carla….we’re proud of you!


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