A stop in Olsztyn is a refreshing opportunity to see a quaint regional Polish city.

Good slow food experience in Olsztyn


If you plan to visit Poland’s largest lake region you should difinitely consider making a day stop in Olsztyn, the region’s capital city.  😀

Founded in the mid 14th century Olsztyn i an pretty regional city and some spots that are worth visiting. The old town and adjacent castle are must sees and in my brief visit I was lucky in my restaurant selection. Cudne Manowce is a small culinary establishment located down a narrow street in the old town. I was greeted and ushered to the upstairs dining room with a tasteful regional decor. My choice of goose broth soup with noodles was a savory choice that I can recommend without reservation. For the main course I dicided on one of my favorites, i.e. duck. Served in slices, and complemented by Polish type gnocchi and beets. If you make it there do consider these dishes, as they are evidence that the chef takes his craft seriously. 😀👌

Enjoy Olsztyn, I did! 



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